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hey folks this is the lego nexo knights tech wizards showdown set I do not have the year 1 and year 2 large mechs to compare this to anymore for size but I can give you a comparison just off of what's included here because this set has a surprise you see this is not simply a mech here this is in fact a mech within a Mac its exception this is a full-on battle suit in the standard style that we got in the previous season it's just kind of recolored here bringing in a lot of gold just the pearl gold color which I think actually looks good here I typically don't like to see this much pearl gold in something but I think it contrasts well against the existing colors the main colors for clay especially with the dark blue and then he he you know he doesn't have anything to wield with the battle suit there but they've got you covered with this accessory pack on the back which holds merlok 20 or at least his digital hologram projection here but it also has some accessories with the shield and a sword that can be wielded by the battle suit so there's how that gets outfitted with a nice sized sword and somewhat undersized shield I guess you would just imagine that that shield would be able to kind of change its size depending upon the incoming attack and then you can still use this little platform back here and attach it to the smaller Mac attach it to the battle suit and then merlok becomes your banner for the battle suit and you also end up with the kind of jetpack or rocket pack on the back or if that looks like a little bit too much with merlok you can just pull him off has his own separate projection have him come up somewhere else and just use this like this and it has plenty of the gold on it as well a little bit of a awkward flat platform there but it's nice to be able to you know interchange pieces and of course this is using the same system the same modifier system so you can take any of the components from last year's sets and attach them to this or you can attach this to other things you all works together it's all modular alright so here's everything pretty much put back together with the main build and combined as closely as it can be this also has accommodations for the minifig accessories with the shield for clay being attached over on this side with the major shield and also the six stud shooter blaster that's built into that arm and then clays personal sword gets just attached very simply on the side here this sword the larger one can also be rotated around the small one just acts as additional decoration really just makes it look better this has pretty decent articulation overall I think I would like to have seen a little bit more to be able to especially reach across the the chest with the sword you know it would have helped a lot you can kind of see I think there's a way like this that's about yeah that's about it it's a little bit disappointing in in that sense so you can do some some horizontal slashes and swings with it but you just can't come too far across the joints have a good amount of friction in them for sure you've got the ratcheted joints for the upper extremities lower legs it's just one single leg assembly here but you do have a small ball joint they can be used with limited range in the ankle and they can also be kind of turned side to side a little bit so if you splay the legs out in addition to rotating them you can get a little bit of action pose in there you may need to repose the inner battle suits feet to kind of get them out of the way I think this is about the the best way to kind of tuck them in to get them out of the way but if you want to bring this main leg forward a little bit farther than that thing you need to move this out of the way which looks a little bit funky there to have that the bottom of the foot there but this thing has pretty respectable stability not as much of a range of motion as I would like to see overall but the most important thing is that it's being able to stand up on its own and not always be ready to fall over so that's kind of the start of a walking pose let me see there we go I can bring this leg back a little bit again this is that same type of attachment point so you can take any of the components from the year two sets and still attach them here on the bad guys side this set gets just the small projection crawler platform for digital monster X and it has a couple of shooters on the sides which feature these new tech critter pieces that people have been looking forward to from what I've seen it's it just uses a stud on one side to allow it to hook up to a stud shooter of course that shooters can be turned side-to-side and such but ultimately you're just gonna fire that off and that one is now across the room but here's a spare there are three of these in total to go with the two shooters it doesn't really quite look like a spider I think that this doesn't look quite as good as folks were expecting it to just based on what I've seen from the hype online it uses a single stud of course you can change out the color of that stud you can build upon it and it has an anti stud on the underside but you know this is a brand new mold maybe they'll start making these in some other colors as well but I think it doesn't make for a good substitute for an organic spider because it's not supposed to be this also uses the new piece with a little bit of lensing built into it with the trans bright green there just has a bar and just adds a little detail wherever they want a little extra shaping and you know that's just mirrored from side to side you can move the legs around a little bit obviously there is a ratcheted hinge attachment on the base of this that will be usable with other sets as well and of course it comes with a shield that can be used with any bad guy minifigures or good guys I guess if you want the bad guys you do get in this set are the infected biter on the left and a cyber biter on the right with the letter Y not to the letter I got the new helmet mold on the left I think I'm looking at some new colors for some of these parts pretty nice prints for the front of the infected biter I also like that helmet which has the attachment points for anything bar-shaped or sized on either side but it does not cover up the back of the head well at all so you can start to very easily immediately see the secondary face showing through that's a bit of a disappointment it actually becomes worse when you're looking at it set up like this if you're to turn the head around because then you see a more obvious you know a bit of teeth showing up there so I think we'll more coverage would have definitely helped here this is in gunmetal grey pretty good looking prints though prints for the faces for each of these and you do have alternates for both so that's a good thing as well on the protagonists side we just get clay and I wanted to show him with his accessories on at first so you can see just how much of that pearl gold is brought into his color scheme again I think it actually works out pretty well this season and it's not overdone there's a lot of it but I think it fits in I think that the dark color with clay in particular works out we'll see how well looks up close with some of the other characters with their color schemes but let me reveal a little bit more of the prints of the new outfit here again brings in some of the gold but that's not the pearl gold of course that's the metallic gold she has just a little less orange in it or a little less red and a little less saturation I think it's just a better looking gold but a different look here with kind of the the robes that are set up a little bit more of a Truong kind of feel this time around which again a good thing but I don't know how I feel about the pattern compared to the year one stuff in particular year two is a bit different I think it's a little bit closer to a year one in its its style and amount of color yeah might take me a little while to get used to it I'm not completely sold on that that design last up this scannable Nexo power is called whirlwind it's not new this is the classic young dragon and then here attached to the recolored combo Nexo power plate is one of the new merlok powers this one is the sword of merlok and that is not against a pearl gold colored piece it is a painted piece that has the metallic gold color that I like much better and the design of these are are really nice across the board with their colors and their overall design I think they make for a very nice decorative elements by themselves even if you don't use the app so that's the tech wizards showdown I really like the main build I like the mech ception that could have been done poorly but it's actually done very nicely I appreciate the continuance of the interchangeable system for attaching things to the backs of mechs that you know just helps older sets to remain relevant and usable so not everything needs to be completely redone and yeah I think the figures are pretty good they could have done better with how they treated the back of the head I think for this new helmet or just stuck to single faces for those that a little platform for monster ox will have its own significance but you know it's it's nothing really to write home about and the little shootable tech critters I think are underwhelming as well so that's it for this video thank you for watching and I'm gonna get to work on the next so I'll be talking to you again very soon you

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