UTI M any Quires one place to clarify few of this one let's get started with this little beast so that's a great one yeah so we got a 24 inch display which is not that great with a speaker's receiver and it point three megapixel camera and a typical button style keypad bar phone with voice assistant that special micro USB socket and LED flash light so that's not turning on because I have not an unlocked it in my phone so that's you know a great feature in this geophone so moving on at the back so we get a camera 3 megapixel camera with a speaker and a life logo with Jio Pay and I have a just sticked out you know jio sticker and here is a 3

5 mm audio jack so we get a hook also for hanging or just taking up and that's a great one now let's check out what do we get after unlocking so I'm gonna unlock it long press we need to long press and open application now there are a bunch of the application as you can see so jio video call is also available here and let's test out the camera first open up the camera please yeah it is a camera so 3 megapixel camera so quality will be good because this is a jiophone though the megapixel are less but we can zoom in or out by just clicking on zoom in and zoom out now moving on to front camera let's see what do we get over here so the camera is really very good last night I have just prepared a video so that time it was not that great but now I have seen it's really dope so we can also zoom and in out this one and that's a great one now moving on to the browser we get also browser we can also surf on Google Facebook as well as YouTube now let's see YouTube works or not why yeah his YouTube I'm just searching it and I'll be searching my channel though just a minute yeah Here is our YouTube and now see how we do I'll be searching my channel right now and here is this so let me take a break my bro called me but anyways let's start so hey that's a great one and we are happy that we got this one so let's move to the specification of full specification so now we'll be telling you some of the pros and cons so we got a pros are low upfront goes to 4G volte support Gio with free Apps with free subscription excellent battery life so now I'll be telling you some of the cons so the cons are it has a low quality screen and plenty of fine printing so that it will be not that much grippy so it can fall off anytime anywhere this one has a resolution of 240 into 320 pixels and have storage 4gb and it is clocked at to 12 gigahertz dual-core and Ram is 512mb real camera 3 megapixel and front camera 03 megapixel kai OS powered so this one has a 2 k mah of battery and let me take out so as you know that its form factor is bar and it has a removable battery colors are black and only black and it's not touchscreen and processor make is SP rd9 a 2 and 0 a /of QC 8 9 0 5 and X store expandable storage type is micro USB SD and we got a flash also and Wi-Fi is there GPS is there Bluetooth and NFC is there and headphones so jack is also there FM is also there and we can also message and there is a GSM so that's 4G LTE voltage now and it has approximately note any of the sensor so this was a quick full review so thanks for watching and bye bye friends

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