It’s a GREAT Time to Build a PC – Holiday Buyers Guide 2018

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– Ryzen 3 2200G:
– 2×4 GB DDR4-2400:
– Giga-byte AB350M-DS3H:
– FSP Beserker 500W:
– Cougars MG110:
– RadeonHD RX 570 4GB:
– FireCuda 1TB SSHD:

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– Ryzen 5 2600:
– 16GB DDR4-3200:
– Giga-byte B450 AORUS Elite:
– 650 B3:
– Corsairs Cabride 270R:
– GTX 1070 Ti:
– WD Light-blue 1TB M.2 SATA:

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On Amazon:
On Newegg:
– i7 9700K:
– 2x16GB DDR4-3200:
– Seasonic Aurous 750W:
– Noctua NH-U14S:
– Corsairs Crystals 460X RGB:
– Giga-byte RTX 2070 WINDFORCE:
– WD Light-blue 1TB M.2 SATA:
– Sphyraenid 4TB:

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