IPOW Car Cellphone Mount Unboxing & Full Review


Hi everyone this is Ed from Flash Tech TV In the video I will review IPOW car cellphone mount I had this mount for a couple of weeks I wanted to share with you guys what I like and what I don't about this mount so lets check it out I got this stand from Amazon for $1289 I will leave a link in the description below First lets see what comes in the box This is the base of the stand It is made of soft rubber It has a nice grip on the back The grip matt measures 6

9 inches by 44 inches You might need to check the dimension and where you are planning to put it in your car to make sure that it fits The mount also comes with 2 different sets of stands One can fit up to 9 mm thick phones and the other one can fit up to 14mm thick phones You might wanna check your phone to make sure it fits before you buy it especially if you have a thick case on the phone It also comes with 2 rubber clamps that can be attached to the stand This will make the phone more upright The stand gets mounted to the base with an adjustable mechanism to fit different phone sizes This is how the phone looks like without the rubber clamps These are the clamps that get attached to the stand which make the phone more upright When I attach them to the stand they feel very loose I am mounting the phone with the clamps attached to see the difference in the angle of the phone compared to without clamps One of the things I like about this car mount that it works with large phones The sliding stand has universal fit I have note 8 one of the biggest devices in the market and as you see it fits in this stand I also like that its stable it does not fly around even with hard turns As you see the dashboard does not have flat surface and the stand is very stable I also like that it does not use adhesive which means it will not leave marks when you try to remove it You can also change the place of the car holder very easily and at anytime You also avoid problems that comes with other car holders like the vent car holder where it might over heat from the vent Things I don't like about this car mount is that you cannot put the phone in portrait mode may be this is possible with small phones even though this is not recommended by the manufacturer The mount tends to slide a little with very hard turns but it will not fly off Also the rubber clamps does not stay in place and tend to fall off risking losing them I also don't like that if you have a thick phone or a thick case the phone might not fit in the stand Last thing I don't like about this stand is that small part at the bottom of the screen is covered by the stand Sometimes this covers where you want to interact with the phone In my opinion this is a very good mount that I use in my commute everyday But if you drive for a living I would recommend to get a cellphone mount that will let you put the cellphone in portrait mode I hope you liked my first video please like comment and subscribe for more videos let me know if this video helped you and feel free to ask me any questions see you

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