iPhone X Review 3 Month later – 5 things I Hate in 2018


Alright before starting this video I love the iPhone X it has a lot of things I really like but still it's not perfect and even though making this list wasnt so easy is well worth knowing things that aren't so great on the latest batch and while starting things off the very first thing has to be the most hype thing about the iPhone X face ID now don't get me wrong face idea is great it works even works in complete dark areas but is still at a very early age face ID still can detect you when facing direct sunlight and you need to be at a proper distance and a proper angle for it to detect your face and even though it works when you're wearing a hat or some shades is still not good enough to replace touch ID it is a little bit slower than touch ID which is also a little frustrating and even though Apple push the new technology at least better than Samson did but again it still wasn't good enough to replace touch ID if we had both side by side it would have been a complete different story one of the things I hate the most with touch ID is once it rejects to unlock your phone it just stops right there so after that I can be right in front of the phone waiting for it to detect me but it's not gonna do that unless I slide up and in that case I will end up losing any notifications that were on my lock screen or I have to lock the device and unlock it once again and if you do that too fast it does trigger alpha phase so you do have to lock your phone and wait a few seconds and then unlock it once again and the second most annoying thing is the time it takes definitely slower than I think even the first generation of touch ID so sometimes I just feel like I'm waiting forever and even though face ID works really good in the right environment and the proper distance but sometimes let's say I have my phone on my table and now before I want to use it I have to either pick up the phone pointed towards me and wait for it to detect me or I end up leaning in until face at ease it takes my face so just something that might not look that big of a deal honestly gets pretty frustrating very fast so yeah the easiest solution Apple should have kept a fingerprint scanner somewhere on the phone the only thing I like would face ID that you won't really have with touch ID is how it blocks your notifications until it detects you are the one looking at your phone besides that there isn't really any added benefit wet face ID moving on months after the release there are still third-party apps that don't support the screen resolution and these are apps I use almost on daily even have some big companies and even some banks and YouTube studio itself is one of them it still has the black borders on the top and the bottom it's just extra space they're missing out and it doesn't look good to the user number three would be design is still pretty much the same design we're seeing ever since the iPhone 6 this phone does have a glass back and a better finish but honestly we still need to see a complete redesign from Apple and especially this phone being their 10th anniversary Apple needed to take design a lot more seriously number 4th and probably the biggest reason is price this for is $1500 in Canada which is about $1000 in the US and as far as I know that is not cheap for a smartphone and especially for a smartphone that is only 64 gigabytes in storage and if you're planning to upgrade the storage is gonna be an extra 120 dollars and let's be honest this phone is capable of doing a lot and especially just talking about the camera side it's a 4k camera which is able to record at 60 frames per second and besides that you're able to get some stunning pictures out of faith and all of this is gonna eat up a lot of storage so 64gb storage for such a capable camera just isn't enough especially when Apple is putting such high prices on their smartphones and the number fifth point is adding on towards the topic of price no fast charging right out the box so even after paying $1,500 for this phone in Canada you still are able to get fast charging within the box it's an extra hundred and some dollars Apple wants you to pay to buy a power brake and a USB type-c cable just so you're able to fast charge your iPhone and these are five things that bother me the most when buying an iphone eggs besides no headphone jack and just the ok-ish battery for such an expensive device now besides that this phone is absolutely amazing it's a lot of fun to use and has a lot of power but let me know if there's anything you don't like on the iPhone X in a comment down below and subscribe for more content like this and as always thanks for watchin

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