iPhone SE in 2017! Is it Still Worth it? Review


you guys asked for it and here it is this is the iPhone SE a smaller and more compact version of the iPhone 6s in a 5s body now a recycled body but if it's in a way that it's a lot cheaper now but it still has the performance of a high-end smartphone and heads up now you can get a used one for less than $200 factory unlocked so for that kind of price is the iPhone se worth it and how does it stand in 2017 let's find out let's start with a quick unboxing so inside the box you'll find the iPhone itself a very solid and a premium build and looks just like the iPhone 5 and the 5s but I'll get into that just in a bit but other than that we have some paperwork Apple stickers and a sim eject tool falling down we have the lightning cable a fiber wall adapter and headphones themselves so back to the phone let's start with the design Apple decided to recycle the old design and I got mixed feelings about that I mean the design was very popular back in the day and it still looks really good and premium so the only way you can differentiate the iPhone se from the iPhone 5s will be the rose gold color which I got right over here or the small is a batch that stands for a special edition but other than that I mean this is the best performance you can get on an iPhone this size now me coming from a bigger iPhone I like the small size is great for one hand use easy to fit in your pocket easy to carry around easy to hold and on top of that it got great performance but small means everything is small the display the battery volume rockers everything so that will take a little getting used to but if you're looking for one hand use this is the best performance you can get the entire screen is easy to access from the bottom to the top which is great and overall the square design is easier to group coming from a more of a curved design iPhone without any doubt this one is made for one hand use everything just flows right together and moving on not a waste too much time talking about the written specs but rather how well it performs but the rear end space looks something like this performance wise it performs really good currently running on the latest iOS and we'll easily do support it for at least a few more generations of Iowa's surfing our internet playing high intensive games it courses to everything it literally is an iPhone se pipe in a 5s body but there are some things you won't get with the SE like 3d touch just because the design was so tightly packed there's no space for it different camera also didn't get an upgrade we still have a 12 megapixel camera we are also running on the first generation of touch ID which works fine but the second gen is a little bit faster and a little more accurate and for those who are curious the iPhone se does not have water resistance and the iPhone 6s didn't have it either but that's another downfall when comparing it to the latest flagship moving on the foliage Retina display is great as good as they can get on an LCD panel well coming from a bigger size smartphone playing games watching content surfing on social media all of that is a lot more enjoyable on a bigger screen size which is obvious I guess everything is bigger you're able to see more details it's just a better user experience and me personally I would have switched back to a smaller display just because I have other options but that doesn't mean it's not the right size for anyone it actually takes less than a day to get used to the small screen size and then it feels like home for our camera we have a 12 megapixel F 2

2 and a dual flash system the camera itself is capable of shooting 4k at 30 frames per second and it can go all the way up to 240 frames per second with 720p resolution and overall for camera I'm pretty happy is that me where I expected it to be autofocus works really good this is a sharp and detailed contrast is really good and just as expected from our phone pictures are perfectly saturated and competing the picture quality to the iPhone 5s the pictures have a lot more detailed and overall look really good and as always I will have some sample 4k footage along with some pictures you can download and try yourself in the description box down below speaking in terms of battery we have a 16 24 million body which in fact is bigger than the iPhone 5s battery and although the battery is small compared to most androids it still performs really well I easily got a full day of use but my unit is brand new so if you go for a used model battery could be a little worn out but speaking from experience even if your phone is about a year old your value life should still be pretty good the model I have is 32gb and if you buy it from Apple the base storage has been increased to 32 gigabytes but if you buy a used model chances are it will still be 16gb and out of those 16gb you'll only have about 11 to 12 GB and the rest would be occupied by your peering system is so-so something you want to consider before buying the bay storage because with 4k camera a few pictures some basic apps and that should be enough to fill your storage but at the end it all comes down to the individual and how you use your phone for some people 16gb can be doable but for others even 64 is not enough so for me the SRS Z is great in terms of performance it's great for one hand use camera is really good build quality is solid and we also have a headphone jack and overall everything is quick and snappy although you do miss some features like water resistance 3d touch and all that so the frac kind of stands in the middle and for me it all comes down to how much you are willing to spend and how much you're getting the phone for if you have to spend a little bit more to get the iPhone se instead of the iPhone 5s or something in that line it's definitely worth it and will last a lot longer but if you're buying an iPhone se for $500 already spend an extra 100 and get a used I've assessment it's just better value for money and it will have their resale value but let me know your thoughts about the iPhone se in a comment down below and don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss any videos and as always thanks for watching

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