Huawei p10 premium сброс гугловского аккаунта FRP reset Android 7.0


Hello everybody! He entered the repair next device – Huawei p10 premium Powerful enough machine, with typical malfunction: "In the device settings restored default To continue, sign Google Account, which was synchronized with it

"Starting with Android 51, if the device was a google account, and you have done hard reset buttons, (Reset) or ask the at the time of its original settings, pops is such a plate (approx) And "on", respectively, did not click Previous google account, we naturally We did not know that the information we have

And now I'll show you how You, yourself, can work around it So Hold the power button for a long time, reboot the machine -> Reboot -> restart For some time waiting Plays nice music

We get here, select emergency call Here we collect: * # * # 6130 # * # * We fall into the following menu choose "Phone Information" -> "Sim 1" Click "Menu" -> "View your address book" menu again -> "Add a contact to the Sim-card" -> "Cancel" and "Back" See the following menu, select "New Contact" name – write any, eg "Hello" and necessarily in line e mail "Home", write something, never mind Further, we maintain contact And click on it, we use that pops up, Choose Gmail, "Add new email address

" Motala to the bottom, choose "Other" And here we write something on the similarity: [email protected] Following Further, "I can not enter" here we enter anything, select ,, click menu -> "Show tips" and, accordingly, is already here write "Opera" run "Operu" Now the "Opera" to be set Click "Next"

In the address bar write, well, for example, Google Allow what he wants there, it does not matter anymore In the address bar google writing Go launcher Shakes down, we need to download Go launcher not from Google play, are looking for For example, I like 4pda Go launcher 4pda

Get on my favorite forum Further, there is need to either register or log into your account I'll go under the mine Password, for obvious reasons, I will I will not show it and enter the captcha

Further, we dissipate at the very bottom, We are looking for where to download it from not Play Market For example, here And download it "Save" Then click "Opera" -> "Downloads"

Wait until we get this movie So, download our Go launcher Next, run him-> "Open" Allow the installation of the unknown sources We agree Again, the "Open" -> "Next" -> "Install" -> is being installed

We agree with everything that it offers us And select "Open" "Enjoy" So we hit the Go launcher Further, all very simple, "Menu" -> looking Settings-> shakes down-> and just out of Go launcher

, do reset "Backup & reset" -> "Restoring the factory tinctures" -> "Reset phone" -> "Reset phone" Now we wait for some time Who goes to reboot So goes progruzki

Choose: Russian Language-> "Skip" -> "Agree" And we have the "Skip" button "Set up as a new device" -> "As a new phone" -> Start using the phone All! No google account in the phone, no longer present Thank you and goodbye! If the video has helped, please put the Huskies, subscribe to the channel!)

Source: Youtube

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