HTC U Ultra Review!


Hey guys this is Richard, Big screens are fairly common these days and 4 years after the HTC One Max, HTC was ready to release another 5

7 inch device, the HTC U Ultra It packs quite an impressive hardware but at SGD898, the price seems a little too much Is it really worth it? If you noticed how the back looks different from the glass you normally see, HTC calls it liquid surface It's their new technique where colors bond to the glass in multiple layers to reflect light The glass looks different depending on how light reflects on it from different angles

The back does attract fingerprints and smudges The chassis is made of metal, and the glass edges are molded to blend together with the sides There is still a little gap where the 2 materials meet I often see dust and particles getting stuck in between and I had to either blow it out or use a piece of paper to clean it The front display is made out of Gorilla Glass 5 for the 64GB model and Sapphire Glass for the 128GB model

The 25D glass edge is also blended to the sides so it feels smooth on the hands If I were to run my finger at the sides, the part where the front display meets the sides, feels like it's a single piece of material The other part with the glass back, doesn't feel that smooth I could feel a hint of protruding roughness

Nothing too major, just wanted to highlight this a little 5 antenna bands located on the metal sides are dark colored, camouflaging with the black sides It's not that noticeable and the design of the phone is preserved The power and volume rockers are placed on the right side, at the location where the thumbs can reach quite easily Those of you with smaller hands will have difficulty using it 1 handed

At the bottom is the fingerprint sensor, integrated with the home button It is concaved and works as a capacitive button It's easy to feel with the fingers One thing I like a lot is the HTC Boomsound dual speakers at the top and bottom It packs quite a punch at high volumes

The top speaker, which is also the earpiece faces out from the screen The bottom speaker faces outward from the bottom That makes holding the phone in landscape mode tricky Either way, the palms muffle the bottom speaker There isn't much you can do with the sound except with toggling between Music and Theater mode

Bundled together is the USonic earphones It analyzes your inner ear and automatically adapts the sound profile to optimize your listening experience In case you are wondering, there is no headphone jack The earphones uses Type C connection only It's evident that everyone is ditching the traditional 3

5mm jack and moving on to USB-C If you are thinking to use these on other USB-C phones, you are out of luck It doesn't work on other phones The Notification LED is located on the left of the front facing camera You can't do much with it except simple menus like when to show them

The camera module is way too protruding That might the reason why they included a free case with it There are 2 options for the 2nd display like activating when the main display is on or off There are preset contents to display, it kind of reminds me of Active Display but more interactive It's kind of useful in a way, like how you don't have to leave the app to launch apps and to access toggle shortcuts

It was more useful for me as a notification panel and it's nice that alerts will not block the main display However the panel doesn't show when playing games, only notifications will be alerted The HTC U Ultra has a 57 inch 2K resolution display It is very sharp and bright enough to use in direct sunlight

The colors on the display are very vibrant You can also adjust the color temperature to your liking Viewing angles are quite good , with little lost of detail The capacitive button are back lit and you can choose to stay lighted up when the display is on or off it when the button is inactive The fingerprint sensor is always active and it will work if the display is off

The unlock speed is fast and almost instantaneous but there is some lag when the display is turning on Sometimes I could see the lockscreen before the homescreen and it's kind of annoying This phone supports dual SIM and micro SD card slot up to 2 TB However , the SIM card slot 2 double up as a micro SD card slot so you would have to choose between the two In the network manager you can choose either one card for data and it supports 4G + 3G

The HTC U Ultra is available in 2 configurations , 64 GB and 128GB of internal storage and 4GB of ram It has about 53 GB of storage out of the box One good news is that since it is running Android 7 , you can format the SD card as internal storage so it works just like the phone storage I tested with the type C USB thumb drive and this phone supports it Other specs include 3000 mAh battery with Quick Charge 3

0, Bluetooth 42, Wi-Fi 80211 a/b/g/n/ac, 12 MP back camera with OIS , 16 MP front camera, GPS, NFC and Compass The U Ultra has a Snapdragon 821 and Adreno 530 It fairs quite well on benchmarks on par with other flagship devices It is not a surprise that this phone can handle games pretty well There were no frame lag issues or slow down

But when gaming for long durations, the phone does get quite warm, especially on the metal sides With 4GB of ram, there were no memory issue Applications load quick and I didn't have to manually close any apps For the UI, it is generally fluid and smooth Phone calls on the other hand was quite okay, I had two line cut offs but it could be a network issue

As for sound quality, both side sounded clear, the reception bar hovered around 4 to 5 bars most of the time, both indoors and outdoors On the software side, it is running Android 7 with sense UI on top One thing to note is that restarting the phone requires pin to decrypt the phone The phone will wipe the data after 30 tries It is enabled once you have a pin code

Swiping down opens up the notification shade You can rearrange the toggles as you like At the home screen, swiping right accesses Blinkfeed and you can subscribe to topics to get news feed You can tap and hold on the empty home page to access customizations like changing the screen layout, changing themes and adding apps and widgets You will need a HTC account to download themes and wallpapers

There is a data saver mode that prevent apps from sending and receiving data in the background This phone supports NFC so you can use your Android Pay You can do customizations like changing the ringtone , message sound, alarm sound , font sizes and keyboard color If someone is using your phone like your kid to play games on your phone , you can use screen pinning, keep the app on the screen You can set that password is required to get back to the homescreen

There is a night mode that reduces glare on your eyes A screensaver mode to show colors and photos when its docked or sleeping and pressing the power button twice to launch the camera There are 5 motion launch shortcuts which you can use like double tap to wake and sleep, swipe up to unlock, swipe left to go back to homescreen , swipe right to launch Blinkfeed and swipe down twice to open the camera There are also settings like do not disturb quiet ring or pick up pocket mode and flip to mute You can go to the app menu to access individual permissions and notifications You can also see all the apps associated with each permission and also set the default apps And for those who like to see memory stuff you can also track the memory usage individually

There is one thing I have to highlight is the battery 3000 mAh battery on a 57 inch device is really small At this size it could easily fit in a much larger battery and it seems like a bad design choice My normal usage is 4G outside and WiFi at home

Usually I will unplug my phone at 8 am, calls, messaging , gaming , web surfing , emails and by 7 pm, battery life will be about 5 to 10 per cent which is really bad There was a need for a recharge if I was going out at night All the while I have brightness set at 50% and the 2K display could play a part in draining the battery more This phone supports Quick Charge 30

Using the supplied charger , it took around 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours and 15 minutes to charge from 0% to 100% If you would like to squeeze more juice out of the battery, there is the normal and extreme power saver that reduces various functions and services All in all, the phone should last a day with moderate use The HTC U Ultra has a 12 MP back camera and a 16 MP front camera On the stock camera app, there are modes like Zoe, Panorama, Pro mode, Hyperlapse and Slow-motion

For the front camera, there is the selfie photo, panorama and video Photos taken in the day are clear and not too overexposed It still retains the sharpness and color Photos taken in the night are generally okay with minimal noise and blurriness When pointing to a light source there will be a reflection on the lens

It's not that noticeable on other cameras but on this phone it's very obvious HDR mode took a longer to process but makes the photo look brighter Focusing speeds are quick between objects but in the night it does perform a little slower Continuous auto focus works well too For macro shots, the distance between camera and object is about 10-15 cm

It does a nice job in detail and keeping the background blurry You can change settings in Pro mode like, white balance, exposure, ISO, shutter speed and focal point For video, it supports OIS and it records in 1080p and 4K The front camera is okay for selfie, but is blurry in the night The HTC U Ultra has a high price tag but doesn't seem to feel like a flagship device

Although the performance and build quality is great, the overall design like the over protruding camera needs some changes The absence of a headphone jack could be a deciding factor for some The software also needs some polishing like fixing the UI lag when unlocking the phone Not forgetting the battery life Why put powerful hardware when the battery isn't enough to power it all? Especially the 2K display

Personally I would rather have a 1080p display and a bigger battery to be honest I wouldn't exactly recommend this phone unless it's really cheap That's all for this video, if you do have any questions, please leave a comment below Feel free to leave a like if you enjoyed it and subscribe to see more of such videos Thanks for watching and see you guys in the next one

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