HTC 10: HTC 10 Evo Review


Good marketing is vital for a successful product The HTC Bolt had a winning sales pitch – gold medal winning, that is With Usain Bolt, the world-famous sprinter, advertising this phone for Sprint, it was an ad exec's dream come true But what of the HTC 10 evo? It's the same hardware, but without the star power so let's start the review of HTC 10 evo Design And Display The HTC 10 evo measures 153

6 x 773 x 81mm and weighs 171g HTC 10 evo's metal unibody features IP57-level waterproofing, enough to swim at depths of 15m underwater

On dry land, the Gorilla Glass 5 on the front has a solid chance to survive a 16m drop (around 5ft) The glass is beveled on the side, making for a smoother transition The HTC 10 evo comes equipped with a 55" screen with QHD resolution

This is a Super LCD3 panel with 534ppi pixel density Its Gorilla Glass 5 shield has been specially treated to be scratch, smudge and reflection resistant Unfortunately, the chin around the Home button was quick to get covered in super fine scratches and we even managed to get a big scratch on the display We recommend getting a screen protector for this phone Camera

The HTC U Ultra inherited the 12MP camera from the HTC 10 while the HTC 10 evo switched to a 16MP shooter It is OIS-enabled, but it has a narrower, darker aperture and smaller pixels Also, the Laser AF is gone, leaving just Phase Detection AF The selfie camera similarly feels like a bit of a downgrade – gone is the OIS-enabled module with a bright aperture, replaced by a pedestrian 8MP sensor with a dim f/24 aperture

Software And Storage Here comes the scary part: the Snapdragon 810 chipset is what could turn people away from the HTC 10 evo There's probably only one good reason to pick this chip over others – its GPU is high class Even so, it's obviously no match for the Snapdragon 820, a chip that has appeared in several phones that are cheaper than the 10 evo The HTC 10 evo launches straight with Android 7

Nougat, unlike the original 10, which went through a Marshmallow period The HTC 10 evo has two card slots – one for a nanoSIM and one for a microSD slot HTC has not announced a dual-SIM version of the phone Also, 32GB internal storage is the only option, sigh! battery The HTC 10 evo comes with a 3,200mAh sealed battery – nothing spectacular, considering it has to feed an older chipset connected to a QHD screen

A chipset that has a tendency to get hot under the collar no less (a sign of poor efficiency) that's all our HTC 10Evo review if you have an interest or some opinion about this phone, speak up on the comment bellow as always, don't forget to subscribe, like and share thank's for reading

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