How To Unlock Dell Streak For Use On Any Network

Dell Streak For Use On Any Network

If you want to use your Dell Streak 5, aka Dell Mini 5, on another carrier but the device displays the “Network Locked” or “Phone is SIM Network locked” error message upon inserting a non-original SIM card, then the original carrier has locked the tablet phone so it works only on their own network and not any other.

The way to get your Dell Streak unlocked is to remove the carrier’s SIM lock restriction by entering the phone specific unlock code. Once unlocked, you can use your Streak on any compatible carrier that uses GSM technology and SIM cards. For example unlock it from AT&T to use it on T-Mobile or unlock it from o2 to use it on Orange. It does NOT work with carriers that run on CDMA technology and don’t use SIM cards (for example, you cannot unlock it from AT&T to use it on Verizon or Sprint). 

Because Dell Streak is exclusive to carriers in some of the launch countries, they won’t necessarily release unlock codes to you unless you fulfill certain requirements. For example, most networks make you be a customer for 3-24 months before they issue the code. And even if they do, in some cases (for example in some of the European countries) they charge you a hefty price and have you wait several weeks until they send it to you. If you cannot get your Dell Streak unlocked from the carrier and want to unlock it quickly, try the following: 
Unlocking Methods:

Unlock By Unlock SIM Card: Stay away from this. It is tempting because these unlock SIM cards (i.e. Rebel SIM) only cost a few dollars, however, they are prone to bad signal strength and don’t work with every firmware and frequency band of the Streak.

Unlock By Unlock Code: If you are willing to pay the price (around 80 USD) because maybe you don’t want to use software to unlock it but simply enter an unlock code, you can use a code service. Just dial in the code and it’s unlocked. 
Unlock By Cable & Software: This is what most owners don’t know: Dell actually stores the unlock code on the tablet phone itself. This means you basically already have the code with you. The trick is to make it visible. And our Streak Unlocker Software will help you do that. This is the cheaper solution (around 30 USD) and it is easy to do. I recommend this because of the low price and ease of use. 

Whatever method you use, here are the specific steps to take:

1. Determine Compatibility
2. Unlock

Step 1: Determine Compatibility

Before you attempt to unlock a Dell Streak, make sure that the phone itself is going to work on the desired carrier. Compare the 2G or 3G frequency band of the phone with that of the desired network. If any number matches, it will work. According to the Dell Streak specs, the frequencies are:

2G Frequency Band (GSM/Edge): 1900 / 1800 / 900 / 850 MHz
3G Frequency Band (UMTS): 2100 / 1900 / 850 MHz

Next, on the GSM Roaming And Coverage Maps, scroll down a little bit, select the country of the desired network, and then look for the one you want. If the carrier supports any 2G frequency of your phone, it will work with 2G standard speed. If the carrier supports any 3G frequency of your phone, it will work on 3G high speed. So in summary, if any number matches, your phone can be used on that carrier with either a standard or a high speed data connection as well as for all basic services (calls, text messages etc.).

Step 2: Unlock Your Dell Streak Phone

Unlock By Cable & Software: This method is software based and requires that you connect your device to the computer and use unlock software to unlock the phone.  It reads the real unlock code from the phone and displays it on the screen so that you can enter the unlock code to unlock it. The warranty is maintained because there is no alteration of the software. Visit the dell unlock software pages for more information and to get started.

Supported Dell Models:

  • Dell Streak 5 Android 2.1 and 2.2
  • Dell Mini 5 Android 2.1 and 2.2

PC System Requirements For Dell Unlocking:

  • Windows 7 or Vista or XP (both, 32bit and 64bit are supported)
  • Standard USB cable
  • Stable Internet connection
Unlock By Unlock Code: If you want to just enter an unlock code and not use the (cheaper) unlock software, please contact us for this “code only” unlock service for Dell. This service works for all below listed devices including Dell Streak Android 2.2.

  • Streak 7
  • Streak 5 / Mini 5
  • Aero / Mini 3
  • Venue Pro
  • Venue
  • Mini 3i
  • Mini 3ix
  • XCD28 (ZTE Racer)
  • XCD35 (ZTE Blade)

About Me – Mark from 
Together with my developer team, I’ve unlocked tablets and handsets for customers around the globe and showed them how to unlock the Dell Streak tablet (or rather phone) by using phone unlock codes and software. Unlocking removes the “Network Locked” or “Phone is SIM Network locked” message and lets you use the device on every compatible carrier that uses SIM cards. If you don’t want to unlock your phone, you can always buy a Dell Streak in already unlocked state. But the price may be significantly higher than a locked version. Perhaps you should compare prices and look for Dell Streak reviews on the Internet because they often include good price comparisons from the most popular sellers. I personally recommend that you look for a locked version and then unlock it with our services. This is how you truly save money on this rather expensive gadget.

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