How To Remove FRP Lock /Google Lock. Any Android Phone 10000% Fixed


Hi guys today i will show you

How to bypass frp/google lock so lets start Click Start Buttom thenclick wifi more software updating some time waiting just checking by any email/pass not working click back buttom now click wifi more] then add a network type any word or name long pressing to word go to assist then automatick going to google now search quickshortcut maker i already downloaded an installed install now then download google account manager i already installed both apps just i am showing how to download this app now search quickshortcut maker look already app coming then go to this app and type google account manager click google account maneger down down looking to email and password type password not working click on try buttom click on top right write your email or password and singin wait some time account singing lock my gmail id has been singed click next click next wait so account added wait wait wait wait wait waiting some time wait wait please wait got it click not now sorry screen off wait wait wait click down Click restore restore wait restoring skip click skip buttom next next

Source: Youtube

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