How To Access Router Files On Ios Devices|HD Tech Reviews|2018!!


Hey What's Up guys and welcome to my video in this video im gonna show you how to access ftp server files on your ios devices in my previous one i showed you how to make a ftp server on your windows if you have'nt seen that one go and check that one out And to do that (Video Title) is pretty simple Just Search ftp on the app store and download this app bcuz this is the best one Open the app As you can see that i already have a usb in there but you won't have that you have to add it there im gonna delete it now and imma show you how to do it click on the plus icon and click on ftp Enter Your Ftp Details In here

(i didn't want to write everything i said :p ) Now Open The Connection You Can transfer files by drag and dropping over here it is Simple You also have premium version to access multiple connections if you have multiple routers or a office setup Indian Rupees- ₹250 and USD $4 Thanks for watching Subscribe And Comment your suggestions down below and share this with your friends PEACE!

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