Honor 8 Lite Review – After 6 months


hi guys i am asad and this is the review of huawei honor 8 lite which is also known as huawei p8 lite in some parts of the world so this is a low price phone at $220 so it is cheap but it doesn not look cheap at all it has this awesome glass design with impressive camera and all the features which i will talk about later in this video alright so coming on to the design this phone looks and feels premium with chamfered edges on the sides along with 25 D curved glass on front and back this phone looks beautiful of course its glass it wont be as durable as a metal body but if you care for the looks this is the best looking phone you can get for around 200 to 240 dollars depending on where you live ok so looking at the front it has an 8 megapixel front camra and on the sides it has a power button a volume rocker a 3

5 mm audio jack along with a microphone and on the bottom it has the usb 20 port along with a speaker and another microphone on the left side it has the hybrid sim slot it can support 2 sims or one memory card and one sim at one time both of these sim card slots are 4g supported so its worth mentioning on the back we have a 12 megapixel camera which takes really awesome picture i'll show you at the end of this video and it also has a fingerprint sensor which works totally fine alright so coming on to the screen it has an ips lcd panel with 1920 by 1080 resolution 424 ppi and almost 70 percent screen to body ratio the screen is awesome it gets pretty bright but definitely its not amoled so you won't get that punchiness the outdoor visibility is ok its not the best but you wont have any complains ok so speaking of outdoor visibility huawei also has a feature in it that says increase readability in sunlight so what this does is that it increases the contrast of the screen when its under the sun the increased contrast helps a little bit with the outdoor visibility the display also has some more features there is an eye comfort mode that turns the sreen yellowish it puts less strain on your eyes at the night time it also lets you change the color temperature of the screen so you can change it to cold or warm depending on your taste ok so coming on to the performance of the phone it has the huawei's own built processor the hisilicon kirin 655 its an octacore processor with 4 cores at 22 Ghz and 4 cores at 17 Ghz along with mali t830 gpu it also has 3 gb ram and 16 gb of storage there is a 4 gb ram version also available along with 64 gb of storage the performance of this phone is awesome in day to day tasks of course its not as good as a flagship phone would be there might be a stutter here and there but you wont notice any considerable lag until you really use it for a long time and start opening a lot of applications the only thing that lacks in the performance is the gpu the gpu isn't as capable o f course it plays all the games but if you are someone who likes a lot of gaming there might be better options for you other than this phone but one thing which is good about this phone is that ot doesn't heat up that much like some other phones might do even after extensive gaming her is a quick look at the benchmarks it scored 810 on single core and 3278 on multicore in geekbench 4 so talking about the software it comes with android nougat out of the box and along with emui 50 the software experience is pretty smooth it also has an app drawe now you can enable that in the settings and the notification panel is also very good there are some shortcuts on the top if you click on the edit button you can see all the shortcuts and it also has the nougat styled notifications the phone also has a phone manager app that lets you optimize by cleaning up the background tasks it also has a single handed usability feature so if you swipe on the navigation panel it will shrink the size so you can use it with one hand you can also change the navigation keys depending on what you like one more thing that i didn't like about this phone is the headphones that came with it headphones that came with it are these are like so cheap and they dont sound that good either one more thing i wanna talk about is the touch sensitivity now its 2017 and good touch screens aren't an issue but i still feel that its just not as responsive as some of the other phones are, this is something you will notice when you use this phone as a daily driver the call quality on this phone is good you won't have any problems even with 2 sims at the same time one more thing i like to talk about is the vibration motor its gentle quite strong and you wont miss any notifications if your phone is on vibration the vibration motor is pretty good on this phone talking about the fingerprint scanner its pretty good it almost works hundred percent of the time and i'll let you just judge the speed for yourself so look here the fingerprint is not clickable though like the one on the honor 8 but it does have some gestures like swiping down to open the notification panel or swiping through the pictures in the gallery the speaker on this phone is just ok its not the loudest it will get the job done but nothing special there are other phone with better speakers than this now coming onto the thing that i love the most about this phone and that is the battery timing it has 3000 mah battery inside and honestly i dont know how it manages to last that long on normal usage you can easily get more than 6 hours of screen on time standby time is great lasting through the whole day is not a problem and also if you keep the battery saver on at all times you won't notice any difference in the performance but you will get more than 7 hours of screen on time and that is crazy its battery life is my favorite feature of this phone the bad side though is that it does not support fast charging so it takes almost two and a half hour or more than that to fully charge up alright so finally coming on to the camera it has a twelve megapixel camera with f2

2 aperture it has 125 micron pixel size which is sightly bigger than 112 micron which we get on most of the other phones ok so coming onto the camera app you have so many features in this you have pro mode in which you can set all the settings aperture and iso and exposure compensation and then you have some other features like slow motion and light painting and time lapse panorama all of these features and if you look at the front camera front camera also its 8 megapixel and it takes some really nice selfies so it also has some of the features panorama and audio note and i'll show you some of the camera samples the camera quality is good its not the sharpest but the color reproduction is pretty good

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