FX-AUDIO DAC-X3. DAC / Headphone Amplifier – REVIEW


Hey everyone Welcome to my review of FX-AUDIO DAC X3

This little DAC and Headphone Amplifier is a little brother of a quite famous X6 which you can find discussed many times on some online forums Let’s do the unboxing first and see what you can find inside the box There is a usual quality check pass card A USB type B cable A power adapter which is 12V 1A

I have tried a better one but there was no significant change in the sound quality And there is obviously the amplifier itself which is quite small as you can see The build quality is quite fine The finish is black brushed aluminum The RCA connectors are gold plated But I had that kind of text miss lining above the connectors on the back panel

As you can see On the front panel you can find 35mm headphone jack a power LED, RCA outputs as it can be used as a standalone DAC only if you want and a volume knob Which has that kind of clicky steps with a slight resistance in it when you are adjusting it the LED lights up green When you plug it in But there is no ON/OFF button anywhere

So as you plug it in it's always on On the back you can find the usual coaxial optical and USB input The DAC is 16 bit 44kHz via USB when you use the other ports as coaxial and optical you will get 24bit maximum The DAC can be powered by USB only I had no issues with the drivers on Windows, and it should be also compatible with Apple devices Now let's talk about the most important part, and that's the sound Well, I have to say I was quite surprised considering the price of this amplifier Is it as good for example as SMS Sanskrit or Shiit Modi 2 or FiiO E17 No it is not

It is not as clean and lacks a detail But it has that kind of musicality In its sound reproduction due its warm sound signature Is it going to be an improvement for your current laptop or PC sound card? Yes I noticed the change of the sound immediately The bass goes deeper The sound is more clear and transparent When it comes to the power there is unfortunately The compromise even bigger even it's not meant to be a powerhouse for your HD600 But even for my AKG K702 it wasn't powerful enough to make them sound really loud So if you have more difficult to drive headphones, let's say more than 60 ohms

This is not an amplifier for you But overall my opinion and conclusion about this headphone amplifier is that it serves its purpose really good, which is to be a pure starting point for people who need a very affordable headphone amplifier It doesn't pretend to be anything else So if you're a person looking for some kind of beginning And you need a dedicated amplifier this can be a good starting point for you Thank you for watching

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