hey guys welcome to the channel hope you are doing Avinash here and today's video is about an unboxing and yeah this is the first unboxing on my channel and we are today saying goodbye to shaky videos as you can see I have a gimbal which I just ordered and yeah guys let's get started with the unboxing as you can see I have already unboxed it but yeah I wanted to show you guys on like whatever things that comes packed in this box so yeah there is no camera included with this box and it has the gimbal and many other accessories to use with the gimbal so yeah let's get started that was a beautiful box so as you can see it comes with these small charging adapters and yeah this is the adapter which connects from your gimbal to the GoPro 5 and 6 and yeah GoPro has released a new one the GoPro Hero so maybe that one also supports this one and then there's this which supports the GoPro Hero 3 & 4 so yeah these adapters can help you charge your GoPro while you are using the gimbal and then there's the battery like a 3000 mAh Feiyu Tech battery which like gives you eight hours of power to your gimbal and also I think if you charge your GoPro with it it will be working for like 3-4 hours so yeah there's the battery then you get the charging cable for your gimbal so this is the old one a charging cable which used to come with the Android and you can connect it to any USB adapters to charge it up and now there are some screws so these are the small screws that you need to connect with your gimbal to like hold the camera still so I'll show you guys the other one which is used with the Hero 5 which is already connected to the gimbal well yeah that's it and you get this cover for your gimbal like to carry it around it's a good clothe cover so yeah let's open it up and let's see the gimbal now as you can see the gimbal is packed inside and yeah one of the weights which is you this also comes detached with the gimbal but I have attached it because I use a GoPro 5 I've kept there which we will be setting it up yeah this is the gimbal and these are the controls like this is the joystick and then there's the mode button or power on button and then there is the rotate button to charge your gimbal you need to use this port like you'll be connecting your charger here and then there is again the hold button like there are two modes to this gimbal one follow mode and one is hold like if you are using follow mode and want to like change it immediately to hold mode you can just hold this button behind the handle and it works to connect your GoPro charger to this you can use this port available here which connects the USB and then the other port goes to the GoPro which can help it charge as you can see the build quality is also good because it's built of metal and yeah it's also a splash proof which you won't see in many of the gimbals out there so yeah let's connect the GoPro to this so so to connect the GoPro it's really easy you need to hold it like this and then just insert the GoPro here okay so you need to connect your GoPro like this it'll go inside then these are the long screws which we had and we are now connecting the GoPro as you can see the GoPro won't come out as we have already screwed it up the LCD of my gopro is gone but yeah so yeah let's see how this works and yeah we need to put the battery also in the gimbal and it's quite easy to put the battery like you just need to insert this one here I hope this has charge and that's it so to switch this on you just need to long press the mode button and as you can see the GoPro has already taken its position to start recording and yeah there will be a blue light blinking which tells you that the gimbal is on and stuff then you just need to like press the power button on your GoPro and it will start recording so that's it on how to set up your GoPro here and yeah let's try to use the other modes on this camera or the mode which is selected is the follow mode as you can see wherever I move the gimbal the GoPro GoPro also changes the position but yeah if you if I hold the back button which is the hold button it will stay still and won't change any direction like the gimbal changes the direction but the GoPro stays in the same position but as you can see if I leave it it starts rotating the GoPro and yeah if I press the mode button again it activates the lock mode where you don't have to like press the back button to hold it that one thing that I didn't like about the gimbal was that you can access the QuickStart mode on your GoPro but the menu button is hidden inside here like you won't be able to access that when you are recording maybe because the GoPro four and three used to have the setup button here and that's why they have built this I don't think that there's much design change after the GoPro 5 was released and yeah now guys if you want to use the follow mode for like a selfie position you can just press the rotate button here the last button and your GoPro is converted to the selfie mode where you can see that it can record whatever you are saying so it's also a good gimbal for like vlogging but you have to like hold the rotate button till you are speaking to the camera or it will rotate to its default position And yeah that was it for the gimbal all the settings and all which you can use and I was that was the review of the gimbal now let's test it out outside how this works recently I went to a trip and was like using this gimbal for the first time and it's like really performed well so I have some footages like walking around running and then driving a cycle and also from the bus which I will be showing you guys next and you guys this is the walk uphill test so let's see how the gimbal does that was the 310 degrees turn you can do with the gimbal I gave him the joystick you can turn it around and yeah guys this is the walking downhill test this is the selfie mode test where I'll be talking to the camera and as you can see it's like really stable as I am also walking around and yeah guys this is the cycle ride test and as you can see even though I am riding the footage is beautiful so yeah for like half the price of a karma grip this gimbal is doing an awesome job And yeah I am loving to use it like bye bye shaky footages and welcome to beautiful cinematic footage so yeah let's get back to our ride ooh that was smooth so yeah that was the unboxing and how to set up your GoPro and how to use the different modes and the ports available on your gimbal now let's see how the app works with this gimbal and yeah guys it was quite easy to like connect the gimbal to my phone and as you can see this is the Feiyu On app where you can use the mobile app to control the direction of the gimbal as you can see I am not doing anything on the gimbal and I can just control the different direction of the gimbal out here so yeah I think this will be helpful if you like taking some time lapses and you want to like change the directions and stuff out there and there are some more settings out there where you can choose to like all the follow course to follow and the lock button which which are the modes which are available on the gimbal itself as you can see it's now in the lock mode and if I want to change the mode here to course to follow it will if i change the course to follow mode it will follow as I change the direction on my phone and yeah that was a quick 25 MB app to help you like control your gimbal from the phone and yeah this is also an awesome feature which you get with the gimbal so yeah that was kind of a review of the gimbal and yeah guys that was the unboxing and all the features that the g5 Feiyu Tech Gimbal has and yeah you can use it for like the GoPro Hero 4 5 6 and yeah if you like the video do not forget to hit that like button and if you are already using this gimbal put some tips down in the comments so I which can help me to use this gimbal more better And yeah if you liked the video hit that 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