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The Global News Ekko Audio WiFi Review hi I’m Sean and I’m Frank and this is echo echo is a revolutionary new audio device that enables your existing headphones or speakers to receive wireless hi-fi audio from any source each user simply takes a battery-powered sound pop from the base station and plugs in any pair of headphones the result instant Wi-Fi quality wireless audio for the whole family most wireless headphone systems are bulky and expensive novel designed for only one user we designed echo because we believe everyone should be able to use their headphones or speakers to enjoy phenomenal wireless listening experience echo is specifically designed to accommodate multiple users up 24 or more can listen together at the same time its built-in Wi-Fi technology delivers high-quality ultra-low latency sound for a real time listening experience it’s perfect for movies music gaming and more echo delivers a highly customized listening experience it’s designed to fit each user’s friends each sound talk has individual volume controls the smart mobile app controls equalizer settings screen settings and more it even has parental controls the volume limiting to help ensure safe listen we designed echo because we wanted to create a high quality social wireless listing experience that are expensive wireless headphones simply couldn’t provide we wanted something powerful enough to create an audiophile grade listening experience it’s simple enough for the whole family to enjoy something that intention that allows you more freedom and better range and bluetooth.

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