eBags: The Professional Slim Laptop Backpack Review



What makes a backpack, a great tech backpack? Is it a cushioned pocket to hold your laptop? A quick access pouch to store all your gadgets and accessories? Or how about a built in hard case for your power adapters that also keeps your bag standing up right on its own? Hi I’m David and this a review of the eBags TLS professional slim backpack There are a lot of tech backpacks in the market and it seems like each one of them has their own twist or feature that sets them out from the rest

With this backpack what stands out to me is this pocket on the bottom This pocket has a hardshell insert that protects items from being crushed and is ideal for items like the power adapter or a mouse Combining the hardshell at the bottom with the semi-rigid frame of the entire backpack also means that the bag is able to stand on its own on flat surfaces It will still topple over if you tip it or the balance of items inside is off but during a typical setup I can depend on it to stand on its own and its super convenient feature when you need to quickly put the backpack on the floor My next favorite thing with this bag is the quick access accessory pocket in the front

The flap opens nice and wide and quickly allows me to see and access all of my little accessories like cables, usb drives, power banks, keys and such Next the pocket for storing the laptop is a large open space and should accommodate pretty large laptops without issue But my bigger concern is if you have a smaller laptop like my 14-inch here, it leaves it with a little too much space for it to slide around and while the bottom of the pocket comes with thick padding it’s removable and doesn’t seal the bottom so it’s not uncommon for the padding to shift and allow my thin laptop to hit the floor with pretty much no protection, so if you have a smaller laptop make sure the padding is Velcro attached just right to keep your laptop safe Or alternatively this bag also comes in a smaller junior sized version that seems to have addressed this issue that I probably should have gotten instead The main compartment is a large open space that is great for larger items like my headphones, camera or other cased items

But the main compartment also connects with that hard shell insert at the bottom so if you want to put longer items like a keyboard you’re going to have to remove the hardshell insert at the bottom so the main compartment can expand into that space There are several other pockets that help keep me organized with this bag A pocket up front for papers or tickets A top zipper pocket with soft lining inside that’s perfect for a tablet A waterbottle holder on the side that zips away when you’re not using it

Overall, all the pockets well thought out so I’m well organized and know where everything is The pockets opens in an L fashion that takes some getting used to at first but they are pretty quick to use, but what I don’t like with these zippers is the fact that they are just bare metal so they make a lot of noise while I walk so to fix these I had to add my own zip pulls to keep the bag quiet Looking at the comfort side, it’s pretty comfortable to carry with no real complaints The arm straps are comfy and there’s also a sternum strap for better support If you’re using this bag for carry on travel I like that there are slots in the back so you can slide this into your luggage handle, or you can also tuck the arm straps away and carry this around like a briefcase with handles on the top and the side

The handles also retract by built in elastic bands which is a nice touch for keeping the overall bag design clean and simple Overall I think this is a pretty solid bag and for now it’s my go to backpack if I need to just carry a bunch of tech It comes with all the pockets to keep my gadgets and electronics nice and organized It looks clean and professional, is available in 3 different colors And I love the hard case insert at the bottom for safe storage and the self standing feature

While this version may not be the best for slimmer smaller laptops, there’s a smaller junior version that supposedly fixes that problem So that the eBags TLS Professional Slim Laptop bag, a great bag for holding my daily tech But what do you guys think?

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