Delta Tech App Scam Warning – Review Of Recycled Delta App (Exposed)


hey Whats up? FAYSAL here from binaryoptionsdoctorcom and how are you guys doing? I hope everyone is OK

so here I am with another review of a scam software and that is called by the name of DELTA TECH or Delta technology but before I begin, I'd like to request you to like and subscribe to our channel for our future updates DELTA TECH claims that you can earn $750 hourly so every hour you can profit like seven hundred and fifty dollars that is a great great opportunity? well it's not let's see their promotional video and this promotional video is a fancy one because they used limousine cars and fancy stuffs

they show you fancy lifestyles, clubbing and etc well it's basically an old scam software that we exposed like one and a half years ago and that is called by the name of DELTA APP and you see I'm in my website that is binary options doctor and see the date of publication May 8 2007 I published a review about DELTA APP and we marked DELTA APP as a scam you see this guy the so-called creator of DELTA APP and he has been promoting scam software's that we exposed

you see the same guy appeared on NESDEK INC and NESDEK was A hilarious scam software and he called himself McDonald and Jake Hamel on DELTA TECH you see the same exact video was used to promote the DELTA APP and what they did, they recycled the version of DELTA APP as DELTA TECH and promoting via a different website but the promotional video is the exact same one it guarantees that you can EARN at least $1,350 every single day no matter how much you invest

this is the guy and we have seen him promoting scam software's and he is a common face so DELTA TECH is the recycled version of an old software called DELTA APP and it was published one and a half year ago so now you know that the so-called DELTA TECH and Mr so-called Jake Hammel is a scam and I don't want you to register with this fancy fraud software you will see a lady appears in the video as testimonial givers and this lady is also a professional actress and appeared in many scam promotions

she promoted and appeared in a scam software that was called QUANTUM INCOME MACHINE and you see the same exact lady guaranteeing that you can be millionaire in 90 days! so quantum income machine was also a scam so there is nothing legit about DELTA TECH software but why I warn you? because DELTA TECH scam has gone viral over the Internet and you will receive emails and stuff like that and they are promoting heavily over the internet so you might get scammed! so I came here to warn you I urge you to not join the DELTA TECH scam and don't lose your hard-earned money so yeah until then take care

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