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hi guys welcome back to another video and today we're going to be reviewing the first gaming mouse I have ever bought the Sabre RGB gaming mouse this mouse is a great price for what you get and really good software for the lights – it's only 40 dollars compared to the overpriced razer version which is the Razer DeathAdder chroma which is $60 they both have a 10,000 dpi sensor and the Sabre has a more comfortable grip also the corsair sabre has one more light that can be changed to represent whatever dpi you want so if you wanted a different DPI of sniping you could change it easily without going to the settings the software is amazing the only problem I had with the software is that the mouse doesn't always remember the color so every now and then you will have to reset the lights there are three diferent lights on the mouse that you can customize in the software there's also three different buttons on the mouse that you can customize on the software to do which is whatever thing you want for example I one button to press v which is overwatch melee so it's easy to melee the last thing the software is the performance switches which is where you can change the pointer speed and the angle snapping over all this mouse is the best bang for your buck when it comes to the Gaming Mouse community not only is it on sale on Amazon for 40 bucks it has a great DPI sensor and the most customizable lights and buttons I've seen for a $40 mouse it blends in so well with my setup's theme and adds a great overall touch to my setup I hope you guys loved this video comment down below if I should do more tech reviews thank you guys for watching and don't forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram in the description below

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