Cheap 360 Camera Review – Osmose IOT 360 Fisheye Camera


in today's show we're gonna take you through and review the Osmose IOT bird's-eye 360 camera and of course go through all of your shoutouts don't go anywhere this is MMB tech TV hi YouTube and welcome back to MMB tech TV my name is Ryan and if this is the first time you'll come in here all you need to do is make sure you hit subscribe and hit the bell so you don't miss anything now in today's show we're gonna take you through and review the Osmose IOT bird's-eye 360 camera now you could be a vlogger you could love taking action shots you could just love even to be an outdoor type and want to get all these different types of shots if that's you then this could be the product for you because this is the Osmose IOT 360 camera and what we're gonna do today we're gonna delve into the box see what you get and of course what it's packin now if you want to get one you can go over to Amazon and pick them up for just a little over a hundred pounds and of course what we'll do we'll put the link in the description below for you to go and check out when you can alright so let's go and delve into the box and find out what you get with the Osmose IOT bird's-eye 360 camera so here it is the Osmose IOT bird's-eye 360 camera fantastic for those that want to get great action shots off fisheye lens shots and all that kind of stuff so with this you can take all different types of videos and imagery and use them for your vlogs or kind of personal stuff whatever you want to do now as I mentioned in you can do 360 photos with ease which is great if you're going to use them on social media sites that get and can accept it like Facebook and all that kind of stuff but let's go into the hardware in it and see exactly is what it packings so this has a 8 megapixel image sensor with an 18 point 5 megapixel camera on board all right now it's got an onboard microphone onboard speakers it's got a 16 thousand milliamp removable battery and in terms of memory as well all you need to do is pop a micro SD card in and then literally you are way but what we need to do is take a look inside the box and see exactly what you get now you do get a whole host of little goodies to help you capture some really good images all right so you get things like well let's have a look now I've been playing with it so let's take a little cloth a lot so you do get loads of stuff you get all you user manuals you get all your kind of bike clips and holders you've got chest mounts USB charger there as well you've got all your straps it's kind of due money if you're going to time onto your bags or the chest mounts and stuff brackets you can attach them on to various different holsters and stuff you get your lens cloth and I don't know what that is but as you can see you do get loads and loads of stuff to ensure you can go out there and get some really really great shots now what we need to do is have a look at this the camera itself here it is the bird's eye 360 camera looks absolutely brilliant feels really quality feels really premium as well so let's take a little look around the camera now let's start with the side buttons here we go so you've got your power on and um you've got your LED lights just there this is your Wi-Fi enabled bomb which is what I'll touch on in a minute because it does come with an app so you can kind of use your phone and see what you can see through the lenses to enable you to get some really really really good shots all right you've got your record button just there to kind of start your record enough then this is used as you downward arrow but you use these in the menu as you up down left right all that kind of stuff alright now I'm moving on to the top this here this little black bar don't know if you can see it this becomes your LED notification kind of place it has all the bits that you need to know on there but will boot that up in just a second now underneath you've got your Jack there to put it on to it on T various tripods and bike mounts and all that kind of stuff and then hidden away in here you've got your you don't know if you can see cousin lights and there we go USB charger you got your space for your microSD card and you removable battery that's 16 that 1600 milliamp battery which we spoke about just hidden away in there but what we need to do is power it on and see exactly what it's capable of so what we're gonna do is make sure to press that power button there we are all that way now if you can see it there there we go okay so here is that LED notification area now here will tell you pretty much the basics of what's gonna be happening through your camera so it'll tell you that use video recording you're looping it'll tell you frame rate per second and your battery life now what we need to do is navigate around the camera using them buttons that we have at the side that we pointed out earlier all right so down here there they are just there so if I press down you'll be able to you can change your video by dillute resolution you tell you if you can record your sound on and off if that's particularly something that you want does do time lapse as well so you can control that via there you can do any loop recording if that's something that you so wish slow motion you can get that done there as well and then all you need to do is simply just use these to simply maneuver your way around now it's easier said than done there you go so you can change your exposures you can change your white balance go through the Wi-Fi because of course it is a Wi-Fi enabled camera so you can use it through the app go through all your image rotations drive-in mode plus quite interesting possibly might be able to use it as a dashcam light source frequency so if you keen into all this kind of stuff and you know what you're talking about then it's a great little tool LED indicator light and auto screen savers are not all shuts down just to save your battery life it is quite minimal but it's enough on there to can enable you to get some brilliant shots now the beauty about this camera it actually does come with an app to enable you to get some great shots and to really get the most out of the features now the app is called the X DV 720 and use this in conjunction with the camera but what we'll do is I'll put links in the description as well for you to go and check out but let's take a little look and to see exactly what app can do so here it is the xdv 720 and now there are a ton of features that you can use within the app to ensure that you get a kind of a great experience from it now what we are gonna do we'll do a more in-depth kind of review on the app itself and when we do what we'll do is we'll pop a card in the top right hand side of your screen so make sure you keep your eye out so all in all it's a great camera and especially if it's in conjunction with the app you're guaranteed to get some really great shots in there but more importantly you can have loads of fun with it so go into the description below find all the links go and get yourself one and check it out and go and have some fun now if you have got one already or perhaps you've got some ideas that you want to really do with these kind of cameras what you need to do is get that discussion going in the comments box below and let's all chat amongst ourselves about it so go and have a look now I do need to say a massive thank you to the guys at Osmose IOT for supplying us with this 360 camera to do the review today so once again and mercy thank you to you it's been a pleasure of ours to have it but as a bit of a treat to you the MMB tech TV viewer they've offered you a 15% discount so all you need to do is click on the link below it'll take you to over to that Amazon store and of course use this discount code ting right there go and pop that in the discount code bit at the end on Amazon and you can get yourself 15% off so if you want 15% off a great product use this code and you could be saving yourself some money as well that's what we like to do here so thanks to you but of course what we need to do is move on to our next part of the show it's my favorite and it's yours as well it's now time for your shout outs it's now time for yes of course it's now time for your shoutouts now if you're new to MMB TechTV this is your chance for you to feature on our show and promote your own tech channel or perhaps if you're a gamer or on vlogger any of that kind of stuff if you have a channel you can promote it on this section so this week we have this week is farm for the boys fortnight and more so far the boys fortnight and more all right now I have been over to their channel and had a little check out as well now if you are into gaming if that's your kind of thing if you love doing all that gaming side of stuff of YouTube go and head over go and check out some of their content as well and give them a subscribe but more importantly say hello from all of us at MMB tech TV so guys thanks for checking us out thanks for getting your comments in the box below and if you want to be just like them and get your comments in all you need to do is get your comments in the box below and you could be featuring on next week's shout-out so go ahead get them in but that is pretty much it from all of us at MMB tech TV today once again thanks to the guys at Osmose IOT thanks to you we will put their store details as well in the description box so go and check out their other products that are for sale as well but if you want to get in contact with us perhaps there is a product you want us to review all you need to do is either get your comments in the box below or you can use these contact details just down here but from me Ryan thanks for watching if you want to see more all you need to do is make sure you check out this video right there or you can make sure you subscribe by hitting the icon just down there but for me Ryan thanks a lot we'll see you soon take care and we'll see you for another 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