WF-1000XM3 Wireless Headset

Sony Launches WF-1000XM3 Wireless Headset with Impressive Noise Cancelling Feature

UnlockStreak – The previous Sony product in the form of a WF-1000X wireless headset was unable to compete in the market when it was launched in 2017. The WF-1000X stumbled on some common shortcomings of cordless earbuds, such as disconnected connections, delayed audio while watching videos, delayed battery life average, as well as less satisfactory noise reduction.

But now Sony has returned with its latest headset called the WF-1000XM3, which was originally due to launch in August at a price of USD 229.99.It is predicted to overcome many complaints about previous products. This earbud is designed as a true wireless earbud device, similar to other devices such as Apple AirPods, but with the added advantage of offering noise suppressing technology as well. The technology has improved rapidly from the previous product. They are better suited, look better, show less signal loss, and have better battery life.

The WF-1000XM3 comes with a more efficient noise-cancellation processor in the form of QN1e. This headset is also equipped with DACs and new amplifiers installed, so that it can provide 24-bit audio. Thanks to the new Bluetooth chipset inside, both sides of the earbud will be connected to the user’s device, in contrast to the previous model where only one side is connected to the device, which then transmits audio from the left to the right.

The design looks more professional and slimmer than its predecessor with a Sony microphone and inlet hole decorated with rose gold / copper accents. There is also a Smart Listening feature by Adaptive Sound Control that will automatically make it switch to surrounding voice modes based on user activity. This feature can also be connected to voice assistants on smartphones, such as Google Assistant, Siri, and others.

In terms of battery life, Sony claims that these headphones can last up to 6 hours with a single charge with noise suppressor active. If the user turns off the noise cancellation, the battery will last up to eight hours. The big unadvertised downside is that they aren’t waterproof by any standard measure. Sony reported that they had done lots of sweat testing and never had a problem.

Some also had issues with Bluetooth 5 connection to my iPhone and Pixel 3X. Clearly Apple owns the connectivity game with its H1 helper chip, but Itseems like Sony could still do some reliability enhancements. That’s not to take anything away from the range on the Sonys.

Still, on Bluetooth, pairing requires a double tap on both earpieces so you can’t pair a new device while Google assistant is running.These are all minor inconveniences and didn’t at all take away from the overall experience.

The product, is expected to be able to compete tightly in the market with Powerbeats Pro, Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless, second generation AirPods, and others. Immediately join the trusted online IDN Poker agent for the opportunity to get this product If you have around $220 to spend and want to grab a set of true wireless workout earbuds, you are going to really love these Sonys. Sure there are some small issues, but overall, these melt away and just give you the best sound and experience from wireless earbuds.

Createkat Smartwatch

Review: Createkat Smartwatch, Simple and Functional Smart Watches

UnlockStreak – Createkat Smart Watch is a new generation of Katfit Watch Band which is simple, functional, and has an old ground battery.

With a 1.3-inch display screen, this lightweight smart watch with a flexible and comfortable bracelet strap can also be changed. If later you can make the most of it, then the exercise function, blood pressure gauge, and fitness tracker on this device will be able to help you who want to lose weight.

With this smart watch, you will be more motivated to go further so that the calories burned will be greater. With functions such as a fitness tracker, this smartband can detect heart rates when exercising.These are the benefits of Createkat Smart Watch for your diet program;

  1. Target more steps for maximum results

The number of steps you take every day affects the number of calories you can burn and your weight changes. If you move more, the more fat and sugar you burn.

Not just running, by walking, then you actually have to do movements that can maintain weight. You can target 10,000 steps to burn 200 to 400 calories per day.

Now, with this hour you will be easier to track and monitor the number of steps, see the calories burned, and how many kilometers have been successfully traveled. You can also monitor blood pressure, dehydration level, and heart rate.

  1. Combination with other exercise

If walking isn’t enough, you can combine other physical activities like running, swimming, cycling, ping pong, skiping, to tennis. There are seven sports modes you can choose for faster calorie burning. Don’t be afraid to sweat, because this product is waterproof and sweat.

  1. Battery life

After a few months of using it, at least I can feel that the battery power of this smart watch is quite capable. At least in one week, you don’t need to think about charging the battery again even though you often use it for sport mode. In fact, according to the manual, the battery life of this product can reach 15 days.

  1. Rest enough

The goal of losing weight must also be balanced with adequate rest. Do not let the body even hurt. You can find out and monitor your sleep activity with this watch.

By continuing to wear this watch while sleeping, you can monitor when you are fast asleep. This device can monitor sleep activity by measuring the length of sleep and also the quality of sleep.

Not only that, the features of this device will provide information when the body has enough performance to do sports activities.

  1. Connect to a smartphone for more detailed monitoring

You can connect to your smartphone to monitor sports activities and everything related to weight loss programs. Get a record of calories that have been successfully burned, heart rate, intensity, speed, duration and also the distance traveled when running, walking even when swimming.You can also compare the user’s personal data such as weight, age, height, and gender.

  1. Don’t be afraid to miss information, you can still check message notifications

Createkat Smart Watch will display a notification message that stopped by your cellphone number. That way you don’t need to check the cell phone to just see the incoming message. However, this function only displays notifications. Let’s exercise!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specifications and Prices

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specifications and Prices

UnlockStreak – Folding mobile phone seems to be a means of proving the technological superiority of smartphone manufacturers, Samsung is no exception. After not being very successful in launching Galaxy Fold, the South Korean company has now released the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Design of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Talking about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, of course the first thing we have to peel is the design.To be able to bend, electronic manufacturers usually use polymer materials. However, this time Samsung touched an unprecedented level by using super thin glass material for a bendable screen but the display remained clear and, of course, not susceptible to scratches.

This is clearly a new achievement for Samsung, considering that the Samsung Galaxy Fold still uses polymeric materials.Like other folding phones, the first question that arises from the buyer is how good the hinge mechanism and whether it last long if you keep the lid open.

Samsung claims the Galaxy Z Flip hinge can be opened up to 200,000 times without any problems. This figure is the same as the ability of Galaxy Fold, a 2-in-1 phone that Samsung has already released.When folded, this phone is only the size of a small wallet or a powder holder. So, this super practical phone is carried anywhere because it fits in a small pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specifications

When opened, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a wide enough screen with a 6.7 inch stretch. The Infinity Flex screen uses a Dynamic AMOLED panel with a resolution of 2,636×1,080 pixels and a screen density of 425 ppi.

The screen is also wider thanks to the absence of notch. There is only a small punch hole on the screen, where the front camera is located. While the aspect ratio reaches 21.9: 9, making you more satisfied watching a movie feels like you’re in the cinema.

The folding design makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip more flexible about the controls. In Flex mode, for example for the camera, you can fold the phone to take pictures. The upper half of the screen becomes the viewing area, while the lower area becomes the control button for taking pictures.In addition, you can also do multitasking with the two screens if you want to open two applications simultaneously.

In the innards sector, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with Snapdragon 855+ processors. While its storage capacity, Samsung provides one variant, namely 256 GB and 8 GB RAM.For the power supply, this phone is equipped with a capacity of 3,300 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Camera

Prioritizing sophisticated design, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is arguably not too splendid about the camera. This phone is only equipped with two rear cameras. Both cameras are 12 MP resolution.

However, the second camera is dedicated to wide angle cameras with FOV reaching 78 degrees. This camera is also equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS), so you can create smooth cinematic videos with only a handheld.As for selfies, you can rely on a 10 MP front camera.

To get the latest Samsung phones, you can do pre-orders starting today. However, Samsung claims that this device has been sold out in just 66 minutes. Interested in buying one?

Review of Samsung Galaxy Buds +

Review of Samsung Galaxy Buds +

UnlockStreak – At the Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED 2020 event held sometimeago, Samsung introduced a number of new devices. Samsung Galaxy S20 series became the flagship trio that became excellent. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is no exception, Samsung’s second-generation folding phone which was also announced on the occasion.

Not only that, Samsung also still has other weapons that are none other than the newest true wireless stereo device, Samsung Galaxy Buds +. This device is a wireless buds accessory that is the successor to the first generation of Samsung Galaxy Buds. Samsung’s latest device offers the best sound quality with larger speakers.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + is the first wireless buds device with AKG technology that is equipped with 2-ways speaker or two-way speaker with three microphones that can improve the sound quality to be so extraordinary.

The design

Samsung Galaxy Buds + is designed right to be placed on the ear. The size is also quite small, only 17.5 x 22.5 x 19.5 mm which remains comfortable inserted into the ear and is not easily separated when having to exercise. But it is not recommended to wear this tool when lying down, because it would be a little uncomfortable.

Samsung also embedded three additional eartip with three different sizes to hold the earbuds in place, without having to fall. What is clear, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are designed with a design that fits with the contours of the ear and comfortable to use.

Battery and Connectivity

We see the strength of the Samsung Galaxy Buds + battery. This device has a longer battery life compared to the first-generation Galaxy Buds. Wherever you travel, Samsung Galaxy Buds + can be a pleasant travel companion. To play music, this TWS device can last up to 11 hours non-stop by only charging or recharging once. The Galaxy Buds + battery can also be charged using a wireless charger that is compatible with Qi.

Sound quality

These wireless earbuds certainly have better sound quality. Samsung Galaxy Buds + is capable of producing rich and natural sound quality. Moreover, these wireless earbuds are also equipped with a dynamic 2-way speaker system with improved quality. Also, a powerful bass sound in high notes that is able to adjust where you move and move.

Samsung Galaxy Buds has also been integrated with Spotify content services, so it can be an interesting entertainment for users on the go. Not only that, this device can also make crystal clear phone calls with the provision of 2 external microphones that can capture your voice clearly, without any noise around you. Unfortunately, this device is not equipped with Active Noise Cancellation technology which is currently owned by Apple’s earbuds, AirPods Pro.

In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy Buds + becomes Samsung’s flagship wireless earbuds device in 2020. Use AKG technology that makes audio quality so clear with the support of 2-ways speakers and 3 microphones that produce exceptional audio quality. This device also has a longer battery life, which is 11 hours without a case and up to 22 hours by charging it in the case provided. Enhanced features to battery life make this device superior to the first generation Galaxy Buds.

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