What's going on guys, this is Mike again with another video and today we're gonna discuss bit FinTech It's a new ICO that just popped up on November 6 since getting a lot of hype on YouTube so here are my views Here's my opinion Take a look at it, and then make your own decision, okay So we're gonna go from there to start with the website looks nice It's a very beautiful website It seems to be easy to understand user friendly with nice colors nice graphics in the background Sometimes looks could be deceiving, so let's continue and look at every little thing so the first thing I notice is that there's the download app store right here, and if I click on it

It doesn't work in all fairness I'm not gonna judge them on this so with that being said we're gonna let them pass with this one We're gonna continue, so this is what their ICO plan is it's nice It's laid out perfectly Coin name is bit FinTech BFI Etherium platform the total supply twenty six point eight million total sale for ICO is ten point eight eight eight ICO part one is five point eight eight eight three million two million direct bonus is 10% Token sales sixty cents per target price is $18 That's what they're planning on doing Once the ICO is over and they expect their coin to go all the way up to fifty when they listed on market cap so Note we will donate five percent of sales to the top ten liters and normal look to be honest with you guys This right here You're you're trying to tell somebody Hey if you promote me I'll give you ten percent five percent of nothing is still nothing so we got to do our due diligence Moving on so their ICO progress is already twenty four percent complete they sold 27 million coins so far and They started on the six now is the thirteen amazing features they talk about the ethereum blockchain With the high security that had worked nothing really special Okay Roadmap, this is the roadmap November 6 all the way to 2018 or 2025 that's how long they're thinking of staying in the game So what I noticed here in the bottom is that they do have a term service and privacy policy and of course white paper? FAQ which is frequently asked questions, and then of course support they do have their Twitter page and let's look at it their Twitter page 20500 follow we're only for tweets when did they open up they opened the October 31st guys That's 13 days ago, so you know communication in these platforms especially these risky platforms are Very very important if you communicate with your investor and put them at ease no matter what's going on you're having Difficulties with the website the server is down

Whatever if you let them know up front It's gonna be a much better situation than just disappearing that tells me a little bit that their Communication is not 100% so they're lacking on communication part, but you know that doesn't mean that they're bad They're just not communicating so we click on Terms of Service It takes you back to the home page We click on privacy policy it takes you back to the home page White paper that takes you back to the home page support it takes you back to the home page So none of these work except f8 cues I see their support right here I Have a look around let us know Ok we'll let you know what I don't know so when did none of these work Where's the white paper? Where are the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy? Why are these links here if they don't work? It's one page guys one page This is all one page You can buy this template for five dollars five dollars you can buy this template for five dollars Internal exchange let's login, so this is what the inside looks if you click on ICO account By ICO, ICO page it takes you to another page telling you hates 60 cells right now lending account nothing Withdraw you can withdraw external internal exchange nothing and then my account nothing Let's click here my account

Oh 404 not found how do you not have your links? Properly working, and you're asking for ten point eight million dollars And I see oh how is that possible so this would this is what doesn't make sense to me honestly Let's look at their who is real quick So they got the domain on the 28th It's the 13th They opened it on November 6 So they bought the domain six days later They listed their website And now they're selling the most Amazing technology in the world how does that make sense it doesn't that's what I'm telling you it does not make sense So obviously they registered under a Dinah dot and if you don't know what Dinah dot is Dinah Dot is a platform that sells you hosting and domain names and such they also sell Templates and their templates are not very pricey I mean if you look at the prices That's ten dollars a year okay, anybody can do what they're doing anyone there obviously protected by CloudFlare You don't know where they're from we can't tell What their IP address is because they have cloud for protection let's look at their traffic

So they're they're pretty popular They're getting a lot of traffic but mostly from Russia then Ukraine then India Then Vietnam then Venezuela And this is where the traffic is coming from it's not very popular in the United States yet But it could be if somebody promotes it honestly There's not much to judge Because there's no information for me to base my opinion on they wrote a few words Here here here, and that's it There is nothing I can base my thoughts on I'm not convinced But I want to recap everything we talked about number one links don't work at the bottom They do not okay number two they got the domain and they listed their ICO seven days later That means they don't have any technology that means they don't have any preparation And obviously they don't because all these links are dead and they don't have anything to base anything on So if you give him your money you think a coin is gonna appear out of nowhere There is no way that they've been working on this for longer than a week And let me tell you why because if they have been working on this for longer than a week They would have bought the domain when they started working on and made that decision that we need to make an ICO So they're getting smarter, they're watching our videos They're learning What not to do and what stands out because I did a video on binary coin And I did not recommend it to anyone and one of the reasons I did not recommend binary coin is because their domain was registered Only for one year after I published my video I went back to check it out and it's for 10 years They changed it so people Cannot see the flaws so guys my final opinion on this I would not recommend you put a dime in it I would not recommend you invest in it There's nothing that appeals to me as an investor to go into a platform like this because I don't know what their Preparation is I don't have a white paper to look at I don't think they prepared Well It's too fresh They haven't done their research, and I think if I send them some money

I'm never gonna see it again Please do not register Please do not send some money save it for maybe something a little better than this as Always guys, I appreciate you watching my videos I thank you so much We're growing very very fast I do have a telegram channel the link is down below if you want to join our private proof We always tell you the truth And it doesn't matter if it's gonna benefit us or not The truth always prevails all I do is prevent facts in front of you and maybe enlighten you on some Aspects that maybe shouldn't get in on some of these websites or maybe you should I am NOT a financial adviser I'm just a regular person presenting facts at this point this website here I don't think it's worth a dollar you can buy this template here for five dollars and you can buy a domain for ten dollars a year and Your money's gonna go into oblivion You're never gonna get it back

That's just my opinion guys, but I appreciate you guys so much That you're watching me hit the subscribe button make sure you hit that notification bell That way every time I do videos gonna notify you and if you're thinking of investing in something And then I make a video about it whether it's positive or negative You will get the truth, and you will see the facts I spend a tremendous amount of hours researching every single platform in order for me to deliver a message That's crystal clear to you until next time guys stay safe

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