Best GiveAway Ever!! & Review Filmora Video Editor | In Both English & Hindi | Tech Innovation


Hey guys its tech Innovation and in today's video I will not tell you anything leave,that's a joke So in this video I will not teach you anything I am giving you a giveaway It's the best giveaway in the category tech

Guyz i'm giving away filmora editor with key to my 5 winners It's a latest version without any crack or anything I will give to 5 of my winners and they don't have to spend any money Friends please watch this video till END and because I am going to tell the rules and regulations for this giveaway at the end So guys let's take a review for this filmora video editor

Guys this is not an cracked version so you will not face any difficulty in registering this It is the original version Now you can look here that we have two intros let me put them in the timeline Now you can see that there is no transaction between the two intros

Let me show you Is that clear that there is no transaction between the videos Friends let me show you how we can enter the transaction between the two intros Now you can see that there is a good transaction between the two videos Now let me add text for the opener Guys let me tell you that the keys will only work once Here's the rules for the giveaway which I am going to do

The most important thing is that you have to comment on my video You can comment anything you like But you must be sure that you have commented anything hi,hello etc I will give you a minimum time of 15 and on the 15th of March I will publish a video in that video I will declare the results!! Guys try your best to participate in this giveaway and maybe you can win a prize Guys I hope you enjoy this video thank you and have a nice day bye

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