Bellroy Duo Totepack Unboxing and Review – What’s In My School Bag


– In today's video, we have Duo Tote Bag by Bellroy This is an amazing compact backpack that can make your life so much easier

So, let's get started (calm music) Hey guys This is Ehsan and thank you for coming back to yet another video where I'm gonna show you guys the best equipment, the best technology, to make your life just a little bit easier So, let's get started So, finally I decided to get a new backpack and after a long search, I found just the backpack that I was looking for

There are many option out there Millions of backpack But from all of those options they all have compromises So, after going to Bellroy's website, and there is no need to explain who Bellroy is because they're well know, they're amazing And if you don't know who Bellroy is, they make the best bags, backpacks, wallet, key chain

They're just awesome I'm gonna link 'em down below After going to their website, and seeing the Bellroy Duo Tote Bag, I was sold And in fact I was sold so much, that I got two of it One for my school, and one for my extra curriculum activities

So I have one backpack ready to take with me at all time I don't have to swap stuff out So, I have one of them, I opened one of them, and I put all my stuff in that I'm gonna go over what fits in this backpack But I have one that I haven't opened

I decided to open this one with you guys after So first of all it comes, all Bellroy backpacks and all new Bellroy bags come in this beautiful casing Which the case is reusable and you could use it as a bag So, this is right here the Bellroy Duo backpack This is the make and model

The color is Moss Gray because this is the coolest color Although they have a new color in Navy Blue which I think it's awesome But I decided to go for the Moss color And again, this is the make and model in case you want to look it up But, here we go

Here's the backpack and as I mentioned, it comes in this handy bag and you can reuse it And in fact, they have a hidden secret message right inside for you guys to just make your day So this is awesome Now going inside, bringin' it out is the showpiece This thing is fantastic

Look at this Look how compact it is It feels, it feels really luxurious It feels awesome As a fact I took this to school, for a couple of weeks, and I took it to rain, I took it to snow, I took it in any weather condition you can throw at it, and this thing survived and this thing just ran through all of 'em like a beast

The one think that I like about this bag is that all the zippers that you can see, they all have a water proof sealing so water doesn't get inside (fabric scuffing) and the cover is just awesome Just listen to this when you touch it (fabric scuffling) This is awesome This is the feeling that you want to get Now, you're looking at the backpack itself

This is the front of it Let me get you give you focus This is the front of the backpack This is the side of it Back of it

And the side The top portion of backpack looks awesome And the bottom is cushioned in case you have your laptop in there, and you put it on the ground, it won't get damaged Now, before we go inside of this backpack let me point out some cool features about this First of all this backpack is expandable

What I mean by expandable is that right here, if I can get in focus, there you So what I mean by expandable is that right here there you have a latch that if you pull on it, it will open it up and they have it in both side (calm music) And voila That's it So now you have more room and to make it more spacious, you could open the top from here, (bag scuffling) and expand your backpack to the maximum usage

So if you goin' on a trip and you want to place some clothing inside, you are more then welcome to do so with this expandable bag This is just awesome Another good feature about this backpack is that it's also a tote bag And if you want to carry this in the city and you don't want to have it on your back, well, there is a notch right here that you could easily open up, (bag scuffling) take the slings out just like this, now this is doable for both side Open the latch right here

(bag scuffling) Place them inside (latch snaps) Close the latch And that's it (calm music) Now you have a tote bag that you can just carry it by handle and go about your business This is just awesome

This is (bag scuffling) everything that I was looking for I wanted something classy, I wanted something clean, something chic and that's it So right here they have the tag with the name, model, and all the features of this backpack And like I mentioned back here you could stuck your shoulder strap inside and on top of that there is a still room to stuff more items such as papers, anything you want to put in there you are more than welcome The handles are very sturdy and they feel very rugged

With a very nice leathering on top of it to make it easy to carry Right up here on top of behind the handles, we have a special pocket that the zipper is just like their wallet So it's lockable It's waterproof And then we have a quite deep pocket right here that you could put your cell phone just stuff that you want quick access to right here

Now going to the front, again we have another zipper that is surrounded by the waterproof I think leathering on top of it, that you could easily open Now inside of this pouch we have room for your pen and we have two small pocket Now one of these pocket is has a special fabric and a special mesh to it that gives it a perfect spot for your cell phone or your electronic that you want to protect it and give it that extra cushion And you could see it This is that special padding

And here this quite, it is they thought of everything when they were making this backpack (bag zipping) So, closing the front zipper, we go to the top and the main show of this backpack Now, inside of this backpack we have a place for your papers of for your notebook Right next to that we have a place for your laptop And on top of that we have a magnetic place for your tablet that keeps it all protected

Now, on the top of it we have two zippers Let me get this in focus Two zippers that inside they use this special fabric that is expandable so you could place a lot of stuff on it (bag zipping) And you could open it, place your item inside of it, and the cool thing about this backpack is that right here they have a place for your water bottle or for your computer charger and then you have all this compartment to place your other items inside of it (bag zipping) Now, this is gonna be my camera, my little equipment backpack that I'm gonna use later

But for my everyday carry, this is the one that I chose Again I love the color so I bought two of 'em the same color Now putting this in on your back, it's like there's nothing on your back First of all, it looks freakin' awesome I love the look of it

It feels like you have nothing on your back but in fact, let me show you what I just have inside of my backpack So, right here I decided to put nothing This is just for the handles in case I want to just put it aside On top of here, I have my phone Of course with the Bellroy cover on it

You have to represent This is the best cover you can get out there This cover is awesome And I did an unboxing in a video about this that if you want to check it out, you are more than welcome to check it out Next, I have a pair of headphones

Just you gotta have an extra pair of headphones for your computer I have my AirPods And this all fits right in here And finally I have my key chain connected to my Bellroy key chain protector This is the best key chain for all your keys

So Now going to the front, have quite bit of items First of all, in that protective case I have my camera of choice for to go This is the G7 X Canon Mark II This is an awesome camera to take those special moments that you want to take

Then I have my Apple pencil (pencil clangs) (scuffling) I have a cover for all of my pen, pencils and everything that I need basically is in here Again I go to school so I need a lot of pens Next, I have a little bit of cash I have my battery bank

This is an awesome battery bank that give you a lot of (laughs) a lot of juice for a small bank and I like it because of the feel and shape of it It feels so rustic and it feels, it just feels awesome holdin' it in your hand And on top of that the way that I charge my phone is using this cable right here (clanging) as you can see I open that up, connect it inside my battery bank Get my phone

Put it on top Doesn't this looks awesome? This just looks amazing You put that right there in your desk, where you going to school charging your phone, your just rollin' in class This is awesome So, we have that right here

I have a pack of gum in case I need to chew a gum And that's pretty much does it for the front pocket First of all, I have my, Think Tank SD holder (Velcro pulling) Because you never can have enough SD card I have all my SD cards in here in case i want to edit on the go or if I want to video tape something

I have to have plenty of storage Next, I have, if I want to record audio I have my Shure audio recorder This an awesome little device that gets attached to your iPhone and records audio, like no tomorrow I also did a video on this if you want to check it out I'm gonna link 'em down below

Next thing I have a little speaker in case I want to be the life of the party And just rock and roll This is the Bulletproof speaker and it was just like $20, $30 So, awesome little speaker And then I have my USB hub

You have to have one of these USB hub that gives you access to a lot of ports So if you're an apple user, this is a must for you Going next is my book This is the, one of the books that I take to school with me all the time Again I study psychology and this semester I'm studying psychopathology

Disorder of Childhood So this is my, one of my books that I take to school, and I love it Amazing, amazing class Amazing degree Next thing, next you gotta have a little tool set

So this is my choice for having couple of tools with me Now, again carrying knife I don't recommend it to do so And after you want to carry it make sure to check your state law and regulation on carrying knife or stuff like that with you at all time I live in Massachusetts and in Mass you are allowed to carry a knife that is foldable So, make sure to check your state regulation

(knife thuds) Going on next I have my Apple charger (scuffling) And I have my iPad dash iPhone charger in case I don't want to use this I want to charge my phone fast Plug it to the wall This is right there

(scuffling) Next, is my sunglasses These are Giorgio Armani sunglasses This is an amazing sunglass Highly recommend it if you want to roll in style, this is the one that you need to go with And, of course when you are studying you need your reading glass

And this is my Versace reading glass This is again a very nice glass Really like the style of it And if I want to look like I'm doing something I just my put my reading glasses on and pretend that I'm doing something important But we put that aside

(thuds) (gasps) Next, we have cables This is the only cable that I carry, aside from this one This is to charge my MacBook Pro And I always have it with me, (charger clattering) in case I run out of battery (bag zipping) Next we go back to our next place

This is my business card So I always have bunch of business card handy, in case I want to give it out to someone I have this really nice thick business cards that are awesome So, this business cards awesome I got it from Vista Print if I'm not mistaken

They had a deal for 50% off, so I got the best out of the best And next to this compartment I have my tablet iPad Pro And this is again a must have I do a lot of work on this tablet, and I think I take all my notes inside of here So, by using the Apple pencil

Just this is just a life, this a life saver for me And finally, actually not finally, I have my MacBook Pro This is my to go laptop This is the laptop that I use for everyday productivity Although for editing video and gaming I use a PC but for intent of purpose for just productivity, doing homework, this is the main to go laptop that I use

So yeah A lot of item (laughs) inside of this little backpack This thing is life changer This thing is life saver This thing is the best backpack for productivity

This is the best backpack to do anything and I highly recommend it to you guys If you are in the market of buying a new backpack, highly suggest you guys check out Bellroy's website and take a look at their Duo Tote Bag The price is a little high It's around $260, $270 if I'm not mistaken I'm not sure

But what you get it's something that will last you a lifetime Do you know what? I forgot something My wallet is also here This is again, Bellroy's wallet This an amazing wallet that you could just make your life so much easier

I love the compact size of it and how beautifully they crafted this wallet Little messy video of what's in my backpack and the best backpack of my choice, the Bellroy Duo Tote Bag I hope you guys liked it and enjoyed it and always stay happy, stay classy, and stay beautiful (upbeat music)

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