Review of Samsung Galaxy Buds +

Review of Samsung Galaxy Buds +

UnlockStreak – At the Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED 2020 event held sometimeago, Samsung introduced a number of new devices. Samsung Galaxy S20 series became the flagship trio that became excellent. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is no exception, Samsung’s second-generation folding phone which was also announced on the occasion.

Not only that, Samsung also still has other weapons that are none other than the newest true wireless stereo device, Samsung Galaxy Buds +. This device is a wireless buds accessory that is the successor to the first generation of Samsung Galaxy Buds. Samsung’s latest device offers the best sound quality with larger speakers.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + is the first wireless buds device with AKG technology that is equipped with 2-ways speaker or two-way speaker with three microphones that can improve the sound quality to be so extraordinary.

The design

Samsung Galaxy Buds + is designed right to be placed on the ear. The size is also quite small, only 17.5 x 22.5 x 19.5 mm which remains comfortable inserted into the ear and is not easily separated when having to exercise. But it is not recommended to wear this tool when lying down, because it would be a little uncomfortable.

Samsung also embedded three additional eartip with three different sizes to hold the earbuds in place, without having to fall. What is clear, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are designed with a design that fits with the contours of the ear and comfortable to use.

Battery and Connectivity

We see the strength of the Samsung Galaxy Buds + battery. This device has a longer battery life compared to the first-generation Galaxy Buds. Wherever you travel, Samsung Galaxy Buds + can be a pleasant travel companion. To play music, this TWS device can last up to 11 hours non-stop by only charging or recharging once. The Galaxy Buds + battery can also be charged using a wireless charger that is compatible with Qi.

Sound quality

These wireless earbuds certainly have better sound quality. Samsung Galaxy Buds + is capable of producing rich and natural sound quality. Moreover, these wireless earbuds are also equipped with a dynamic 2-way speaker system with improved quality. Also, a powerful bass sound in high notes that is able to adjust where you move and move.

Samsung Galaxy Buds has also been integrated with Spotify content services, so it can be an interesting entertainment for users on the go. Not only that, this device can also make crystal clear phone calls with the provision of 2 external microphones that can capture your voice clearly, without any noise around you. Unfortunately, this device is not equipped with Active Noise Cancellation technology which is currently owned by Apple’s earbuds, AirPods Pro.

In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy Buds + becomes Samsung’s flagship wireless earbuds device in 2020. Use AKG technology that makes audio quality so clear with the support of 2-ways speakers and 3 microphones that produce exceptional audio quality. This device also has a longer battery life, which is 11 hours without a case and up to 22 hours by charging it in the case provided. Enhanced features to battery life make this device superior to the first generation Galaxy Buds.

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