Createkat Smartwatch

Review: Createkat Smartwatch, Simple and Functional Smart Watches

UnlockStreak – Createkat Smart Watch is a new generation of Katfit Watch Band which is simple, functional, and has an old ground battery.

With a 1.3-inch display screen, this lightweight smart watch with a flexible and comfortable bracelet strap can also be changed. If later you can make the most of it, then the exercise function, blood pressure gauge, and fitness tracker on this device will be able to help you who want to lose weight.

With this smart watch, you will be more motivated to go further so that the calories burned will be greater. With functions such as a fitness tracker, this smartband can detect heart rates when exercising.These are the benefits of Createkat Smart Watch for your diet program;

  1. Target more steps for maximum results

The number of steps you take every day affects the number of calories you can burn and your weight changes. If you move more, the more fat and sugar you burn.

Not just running, by walking, then you actually have to do movements that can maintain weight. You can target 10,000 steps to burn 200 to 400 calories per day.

Now, with this hour you will be easier to track and monitor the number of steps, see the calories burned, and how many kilometers have been successfully traveled. You can also monitor blood pressure, dehydration level, and heart rate.

  1. Combination with other exercise

If walking isn’t enough, you can combine other physical activities like running, swimming, cycling, ping pong, skiping, to tennis. There are seven sports modes you can choose for faster calorie burning. Don’t be afraid to sweat, because this product is waterproof and sweat.

  1. Battery life

After a few months of using it, at least I can feel that the battery power of this smart watch is quite capable. At least in one week, you don’t need to think about charging the battery again even though you often use it for sport mode. In fact, according to the manual, the battery life of this product can reach 15 days.

  1. Rest enough

The goal of losing weight must also be balanced with adequate rest. Do not let the body even hurt. You can find out and monitor your sleep activity with this watch.

By continuing to wear this watch while sleeping, you can monitor when you are fast asleep. This device can monitor sleep activity by measuring the length of sleep and also the quality of sleep.

Not only that, the features of this device will provide information when the body has enough performance to do sports activities.

  1. Connect to a smartphone for more detailed monitoring

You can connect to your smartphone to monitor sports activities and everything related to weight loss programs. Get a record of calories that have been successfully burned, heart rate, intensity, speed, duration and also the distance traveled when running, walking even when swimming.You can also compare the user’s personal data such as weight, age, height, and gender.

  1. Don’t be afraid to miss information, you can still check message notifications

Createkat Smart Watch will display a notification message that stopped by your cellphone number. That way you don’t need to check the cell phone to just see the incoming message. However, this function only displays notifications. Let’s exercise!

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