Apple Airpods Review — Are They Really Worth It?


What’s up guys, today we’re going to be discussing the Airpods, Apple’s new completely wireless in-ear headphones and after months of delays and months of backwards I finally was able to get my hands on them

But what makes these little guys so special and are they want $160 price tag? In this video we’ll be discussing just that Let’s go! Welcome to JDTechTV, where I try before you buy On this channel I review tech that you need so if you’re new here make sure to hit the subscribe button As always I will leave links to every product that I talk about in the description down below Click the links and you will get the most up-to-date pricing information from Amazon

So the Apple Airpods have been subject to a lot of hype and a lot of criticism One of the main criticisms is that they look a little silly while you’re wearing them Now I don’t necessarily disagree, I think they’re okay, but i’m going to wear them the entire video That way you can determine if they look good or not Now as always Apple absolutely hits it out of the park with design

The Airpods are stylish, clean, and unique Well, the Airpods themselves are Not so much the space-age dental floss case that they come in

But despite the case being recommended by four out of five dentists the case is one of the main reasons that sets the Airpods apart from other bluetooth headphones The case is incredibly small I mean, it’s much smaller than I thought it would be It has a magnetic top that has an oh-so satisfying clicking sound when you open and close it It kind of reminds me of a Zippo lighter and if you’re a fidgeter like me you’ll find yourself doing this all day long

On the inside of the case there is an indicator light that tells you if the battery is charged or low and there’s magnets at the bottom of the case that allows the Airpods to snap into the holder without worry of them falling out Since the Airpods are so small the risk of losing them is a real concern So Apple taking measures to combat that is a pretty great thing Each Airpod has about a five hour battery life for each one, which may not sound like all that much but when you compare it to other competitors it’s actually on par, if not better than most of them But as I said before it’s the case that sets this apart

You see this isn’t just something to hold your Airpods It’s actually a charger case as well that can hold a charge for up to 24 hours The best part is that when your Airpods are low on juice you just pop it right in here for 15 minutes and that’ll give you an extra three hours of listening time Now the Airpods may not be the coolest-looking tech out there it, I personally don’t mind it But I mean I can understand why people would think they look a little bit silly

I mean they stick out a little bit, i mean if you push it like that I guess that’s even a little bit better, and they say that the stems on here are a little bit long and it looks a little strange But what people don’t realize is that without the stems being this length it would be really difficult for you to keep track of these if you just have this tip here Having to stem here makes it really easy for you to grab it pull it in and out of your ear and place it back within the case But looks aren’t exactly what you’re paying for here What you’re paying for is the tech inside of these, which is the absolute best out there right now

And the setup process, perhaps for the first time for bluetooth headphones, is really simple and easy You can take these straight from the box, turn your phone’s bluetooth on, and pop the cap of the case Immediately a prompt will appear on your phone Press connect and thats it From the time that I took it out of the box I was connected to my phone within five seconds

I’m not kiddingFive seconds Additionally once paired with your phone your Airpods will also be paired with any device that is synced to your iCloud account So there’s no worry about having to pair it again to your Mac, iPad, or Apple watch if you have all of those It’s already done

But probably the coolest feature is only possible with the inclusion of Apple’s new W1 chip which gives you the ability to play and pause a song simply by taking an Airpod out of your ear Say you’re listening to your favorite death metal band and a sweet little old lady comes up and want to ask you directions You just take your Airpod out and it’ll pause the song so you can say: “No, no ma’am the Cracker Barrel is the second left after the Tom Thumb and it’ll be on your left Alright? Oh my God you’re so welcome” Then you just put it right back in it will resume the song where you left off Then you can go back to fantasizing about punching strangers in a mosh pit or something

I don’t know Now while I wouldn’t recommend that you wear these during a mosh pit, probably not a good idea, but I did find it difficult to actually get these to fall out of my ears on purpose I tried shaking my head, I got sweaty and went running with them, wore them at work, and not once have they fallen out Now that could be that I have a good ear shape for these because I don’t think the same would be true for everyone The basic rule is if Apple’s wired Earpods fit you fine so will these because they are shaped exactly the same

Now despite all the cool features, the Airpods aren’t without their faults For example, since there’s no wires you lose any on-board controls with things like volume and skipping songs Instead giving the Airpods of double tap will pull up Siri which you can then ask her to change the volume or the song It’s just clunky and it doesn’t feel like a natural way to control your music But there is an option to go into your bluetooth settings on your phone and change the double tap gesture to toggle play and pause, which is what I did

If I ever needed to change the volume I just pulled out my phone and manually adjusted it that way Which, to be honest, I didn’t really find myself needing to change the volume all that often But maybe Apple will update the software in the future that will allow more tap gestures to control more features But they’ll probably save that sort of thing for the Apple Airpods 2, because Apple thinks that were idiots and we will purchase it anyway for such a small upgrade And I mean, like

they’re probably right The next big question and probably one of the most important ones That is do they sound better than the Earpods? I mean for the price they better, right? Wrong

They sound almost exactly the same as the $30 wired Earpods Maybe the Airpods have a little bit more bass and it kind of sounds a little bit fuller but unless you’re a hardcore audiophile you’re really not going to notice the difference between the two But if you’re one of those people, like me, who didn’t mind how the Earpods sounded then you’re really going to like how these sound as well And most of what I listen to are podcasts instead of music so spoken word has always sounded great on the Earpods So I like the sound of the Airpods

Earpods/Airpods You think they could have come up with a more clear distinction of a name between the two So after all of this it’s time to get to the biggest question of them all and that is are the Apple Airpods worth the ticket price of $160? And yeah, I think so At first the price seems a little bit steep but when you compare that to the other competition out there it doesn’t really seem so bad Especially since these have the W1 chip which that technology is years ahead of everyone else

The only other bluetooth headphones out right now that I think even deserves the comparison to the Apple Airpods are the new headphones from Beats called Beats X, and that’s because they too have the W1 chip technology inside of their headphones But the in-depth comparison between the two as to which one better, I’ll save for another video Well that’s it Thank you so much for watching another review on JDTechTV and I’ve been wearing these the entire time throughout the video and if you think they look fine and you didn’t really notice them, leave a comment down below letting me know that And if you just think they look stupid and ridiculous and that you would never wear them in your entire life

Give the video a thumbs up you See what I did there? And as always make sure that you hit the subscribe button so you can stay updated on more videos that I post every single week And normally I post video reviews every single friday but I got some things in the works things coming up that’s going to allow me to post more videos every single week

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