AMD Borrows Intel’s Business Plan – Ryzen 2 Review


Over the last five years, it seems like pretty much everyone has, uh, let's say noticed Intel's consumer division's "tick, tick, tick, tick, eventually talk" approach to generational performance improvements, including folks at AMD But then, on the surface, AMD seems to have pulled a page right out of Intel's playbook with their "second-generation" AMD Ryzen desktop processors

But is there more to these than meets the eye Well, I'm gonna let you know after this painful segue to our sponsor Private Internet Access Private Internet Access is the VPN Service that encrypts all of your internet traffic and uses a safe protected IP It's got tons of other useful features, and you can check it out at the link below So what's the deal here? Is AMD replacing Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, and Ryzen 7 with Ryzen 2? Mmm, not quite While these are "second generation," The Ryzen 7 2700 X and the Ryzen 5 2600 X clocking in at eight and six course respectively are not technically as n – That's not going to come until later so what we're getting now are higher boost clocks with XF are applying to all cores and this one's pretty exciting up to a 34 percent improvement to cache latency with AMD claiming a theoretical three percent performance bump from that second point alone We're also getting up to dual-channel ddr4 2933 support on the brand-new x4 70 chipset motherboards Which from even our early testing translates into much better compatibility with high-speed memory kits So all of this adds up to something that AMD is calling Zen + based on a tweaked 12 nanometer process that's been fine-tuned to push rated clock speeds higher Without increasing the rated power consumption

Now of course, we're gonna have to test all these claims so while we wait for this to Rise It's a yeast joke Let's go over our test setup We'll be using both Intel's latest and AMD's previous gen consumer processors which, uh It's done already Go ahead and cut oh my god This joke is so – I'm sorry that whole thing with the oven was just a lead-in to a joke about mmm delicious Ryzen crust; why don't we just get into the benchmarks? starting with our gaming stuff And Yes more terrible puns How surp-Ryzen (surprising) Ryzen Second-gen is ever so slightly faster than Ryzen first-gen Deus Ex mankind divided barely cared, Far Cry 5 actually got five to seven more fps and CS:GO Actually, this one was a standout Very nice

The differences, though, are less noticeable in 3d mark and Unigine superposition putting second gen close enough that we technically observed higher numbers on our first-gen chip And of course when it comes to gaming intel still steals the show Nowm let's move on to productivity here things take a more dramatic swing So our 2700X absolutely creams the last gen 1800X in our testing With significantly higher scores in Cinebench and Asus RealBench and shaving a cool 1 minute 11 seconds off the classroom render time in blender the 1800X already beat out the core i7 8700K and most of these so the gap then is that much wider this time around impressive, and it looks like at least some of this is due to the improvements to cache latency with our testing a knight of 64 showing a pretty significant improvement of around 25% with higher bandwidth and improved memory latency to boot Of course What would a review of a new CPU be without? Overclocking results, let's go to level 3 bad so our 2600 X Still didn't want to play a ball with our pre-release firmware, but our 2,700 X with the auto tweak feature gave us predictably better results Although these games are mainly limited to highly threaded workloads Lightly threaded or gaming workloads understandably actually suffer slightly compared to the 100 megahertz faster stock XF our clocks Power consumption is still higher than coffee lake, but that's not really a surprise What is interesting is that under load our new chips are more? Power-hungry we think because precision boosts to is keeping the CPU at higher speeds more often This also translates into higher temperatures, which means we wouldn't really recommend Doing a ton of overclocking with your stock cooler as cool as the new wraith max RGB coolers might be so then at 329$ for the high-end verizon 720 700 x And 229 for the six-core Ryzen 520 600 X both of them $30 more than their non x counterparts AMD has managed to claw back a bit of the bang for the buck proposition that they enjoyed with rise ins first generation release and perhaps more importantly even though this is a new CPU And chipset the obvious stability issues with high-speed memory in particular That prevented us from making a clear recommendation last time around argon So let's not kid ourselves This is every bit as incremental as Intel's move from skylake to KB Lake And we are disappointed that it's not Zen to yet, but Second generation Ryzen is a bit more worth your money than last time which is a good thing You know what else is a good thing Mass drop the concept is pretty simple to understand the more people who commit to purchasing a certain product the lower the price of that product goes and today We're talking about the AKG K 7 xx configured by mass drop these are open backed headphones with large Cushy ear cups that have been tweaked to deliver a wide Locationally specific soundstage that puts you closer to the source They feature a genuine leather headband memory foam ear pads with velu are covering a two-year warranty service by AKG And they ship out in two to three days so check them out at the link below Thanks for watching guys if you disliked you can hit that button But if you liked the video hit like get subscribed maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the links in the video description Also down There is our merch store, which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum, which you should totally join END

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