AirPods Killer or Total Flop? – Google Pixel Buds Review


The pixel buds come with a charging case, features exclusive to pixel phones, and they're priced at $159 making them pretty much the Android equivalent to Apple's air pods But are these even close to as good? and can they deliver on their promise of offering magical Real-time translation, just like they did in the scripted onstage demo I think kind of blue would suit you alright We will see Massdrop's best-selling Sennheiser HD 6xx headphones are available again for only 200 US dollars, so check them out at the link in the video description First things first the pixel buds are not truly Wireless But unlike some other neck buds like the j-bird freedoms There's no battery bump or inline control Everything is contained within the earbuds themselves So why then does this cable exist at all? Well, it's actually integral to the buds design starting with the fit the loop formed at the cables end actually goes inside-ish your ear and then can be adjusted for a nice snug fit and to keep them in In practice, it causes a little bit more faffing about to put them in the cable slips but it works surprisingly well to hold them in place and being able to hang them around your neck, it could be argued is a convenient way to keep track of them and and besides, if you prefer truly Wireless pixel buds you can just DIY it any way by cutting the

I'm just kidding not only would cutting off the cable void your warranty You'd also be totally screwed because the cable does conduct audio signals not to mention power The buds 5 hour, 120 milliamp hour battery is completely contained within the left Bud and is not split between the two earphones like with Apple's air pods To charge the battery you will need the included charging case It is not as small or convinient Or premium feeling as the air pods case I have some doubts about its long-term durability, and the lip around the edge is pretty stupid Okay, I actually you know what I don't like it very much but the process of putting the buds in is about as good as it could be considering that there's a cable to deal with and it includes a magic pairing mechanism similar to apples provided that you're running Android nougat and That you have a little bit of luck But let's just take them back out and use them compared to the air pods Which only have one gesture which can be remapped depending on your preference per Bud to pause? skip track or summon Siri Google's offers less flexibility at this time, but it does support more gestures Thanks to a capacitive surface That is built into the right bud so you can actually tap to play and pause You can double tap to have notifications read to you You can swipe to adjust volume and you can hold it to summon the Google assistant, which by the way is awesome on the pixel buds the instant you touch the button no latency or even an Acknowledgment tone you can just start talking

What's the price of Bitcoin? Ordering it to play songs, get directions or even send text messages something that isn't supported on the Google home Yet Sorry, I can't send text yet Oh and one more thing how about that real-time translation? Now two months ago Dennis And I tried out a different product with that same promise and the results were how do we put this tactfully? totally broke dick Okay, so now I'm actually not very certain if it's working properly So let's see if Google can do any better today you're not Dennis Can you get Dennis ok so you ready to try again You kill me hello, it is very nice to meet you oh Yeah audience, ooh Wow it went through a lot of different iterations there Why is it that whenever we try to do one of these scenarios we end up dating Okay So alright thanks Dennis There are some good things here umm I don't speak This is based on Google Translate rather than whatever that broken thing we were using before was so the translations are actually pretty good but a couple of issues first of all this functionality with the pixel buds only works with the pixel or pixel 2 series of phones and What was the point of that What was the difference between using pixel buds and just using Google Translate So, okay, let's move on to the one more fairly important thing that we have to discuss here How do the pixel buds sound? actually Not bad compared to the air pods They have a wider soundstage and are more full-bodied Definitely less tinny meaning

I would say they sound better than the air pods overall With that said despite all of our comparisons between the two here the buds aren't Really competing with the air pods anyway even though they can totally work with an iPhone including Siri integration What they're competing with is all the other? Bluetooth headphones that an Android user might buy in the post headphone jack era and as long as your device supports the features that you want to use with them and you don't mind the relatively cumbersome in our experience pairing and Easier insertion process, I think they are a pretty good choice You know what else is a good choice Crunchyroll the site created by anime fans for anime fans offering the most current episodes of new shows Straight from Japan like Knights and magic and my hero academia season 2 all the content on their site is professionally Subtitled and our link gives you a free trial of their premium service completely ad free and if you enjoy the many benefits of premium like 1080p streaming getting new episodes of shows straight from Japan within an hour of their premiere and Being able to stream anywhere anytime from a variety of devices like your phone tablet Or game console you can continue your premium membership to crunchyroll for just 695 a month so go to crunchyrollcom slash Linus and sign up today, so Thanks for watching guys if this video sucked You know what to do? But if it was awesome get subscribed hit that like button or check out the link to where to buy the stuff we featured in the video description Also linked down There's our merch store, which has cool shirts like this one as well as our community forum, which you should totally join

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