Agent Janice SPEAKS – The WAN Show Jan 11 2019

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Timestamps (Courtesy of
Nightcore Prototype Zero)

0:00 starts to the JAN show
2:20 intro
3:02 ground rulez
3:26 Janice’s story
5:51 funny joke ( please laugh )
8:16 Linus stops talking
9:06 best experience on pre-sale side
9:58 worst experience
12:37 tech support
16:36 new merch
18:00 what would Janice buy
25:33 floatplane questions
34:00 super chats
39:29 last question
42:27 last last question
47:00 Janice grabs Dennis and leaves (and her money)
47:45 SPONSORS WOO! (Denis runs in front of camera)
48:31 fresh books
49:18 PIA
49:38 SAVAGE jerky
51:54 CES talk
1:01:28 Denis on OLED
1:08:13 Linus shows new Hisense demo
1:12:16 end of JAN Show ( superchats )
1:14:55 merch store and Luke is hiring
1:16:31 requirements
1:17:12 migration for floatplane
1:20:52 real end and Dennis waving underwear
1:21:01 outro

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