2019 Lexus ES 350 Arrives With Sleeker Design | Interior Exterior Features Review


2019 lexus ES arrives with sleeker design The current generation of the lexus ES is a popular car Thanks to its honest approach to luxury The model though was getting old and had a stale look that didn't help its case Lexus has fixed these issues and done a lot more to make the new 2019 model an even more attractive proposition the 6th gen sedan that will be revealed at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show is much prettier and more tech forward than before underpinning the striking exterior is 2 yo, ta's GA k modular platform, which it shares with the 2019 Avalon the Platform has allowed the sedan to grow Lexus claims the new es is 2

6 inches longer and 18 inches wider than the outgoing model The wheelbase also grows by 20 inches Updated powertrains to go with the new look like before the 19 s will be available as the ES 350 and 3 0 0 H Just like the previous generation the ES 350 is powered by a 35 liter v6 Power though is up to 302 HP 225 kilowatts and 267 lb-ft 362 Nm of torque Those figures are a decent increase from the previous generation which produced 268 HP 199 kilowatts and 248 lb-ft 336 Nm of torque a new 8-speed automatic gearbox also replaces the old 6-speed unit while an all-wheel-drive option is rumored to be in the works the es is front-wheel drive only for the moment on the Hybrid front the three-zero-zero age gets various updates that make it more fuel efficient The trim features an updated powertrain that has an all new nickel metal hydride battery That's smaller than before a more compact electric motor That's also lighter than the old unit and an all-new engine The motor is a 2

5 liter atkinson cycle inline-four engine total output for the hybrid is up to 215 HP 160 kilowatts from 200 HP Fuel economy is up to as the current model has a combined rating of 40 mpg While the new one is expected to get 44 mpg combined the most exciting bit of news for the es is the addition of an F Sport trim The sporty-er more aggressive looking sedan is only available on the ES 350 and retains the same 35 liter v6 It does come with adaptive variable suspension though which we first saw on the LC coupe a sport and drive setting in an engine sound enhancement feature Which is probably just noise being piped into the cabin is also bespoke to the trim The es still puts luxury first things look a lot better on the inside, too Obviously the cabin is just as upscale as we've come to expect from Lexus with things like real wood and aluminum trim But it's visually less cluttered and generally more appealing The dashboard is now oriented towards the driver with an interesting cutout for the audio and HVAC controls Lexus also mercifully relocated the analog clock that never lined up properly in the old vehicle to a smaller unit that sits directly to the left of the New screen dot in addition to a new interior design the es gets a massive technology overhaul as well There's an 80 inch screen that sits atop of the dash that can be swapped out for an even larger twelve point three inch unit Regardless of what display you go with Lexus has still stuck with a control pad that sits to the right of the shifter But it's not propped up on a base like it was in the old sedan The new es is also the first lexus to get apple carplay rejoice apple fans and also comes with Amazon Alexa integration Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot is also available Other new tech features for the es include an updated instrument cluster in an available head-up display system When it comes to safety the sedan also gets the brand's Lexus safety system plus 20 suite that comes with a pre collision system that has daytime bicyclist action Lexus will show the car off in real life for the first time at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show on Wednesday Pricing for the vehicle is expected to come out before the sedan officially goes on sale later this September Thanks for watching this video I hope you liked it like share comment subscribe and stay connected for more latest updates

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