2017 2018 BMW M4 video review, vehicle tour, tech overview


there was a time when BMW only offered three different series of cars the three series 5 Series and the 7 Series now in 2017 every number is covered from 1 to 7 with even numbers being coupes and odd numbers being sedans in this video I'll be giving you a tour of the BMW m4 and I'll also be comparing it to its sister car the m3 the specifications of both cars are almost identical the most notable difference is that the m4 is a coupe and the m3 is a sedan and also the m3 is a little bit cheaper both the m3 and the m4 are powered by a three litre twin-turbocharged s55b30 ln line 6 engine which produces 425 horsepower and 410 pound feet of torque a lot of em purists are disappointed that BMW went with a forced induction i6 rather than another v8 but the engine has a pretty nice little party trick up its sleeve to minimize turbo lag the engine has two small turbochargers each feeding three cylinders the RPM of the impellers is always kept above 120 thousand rpm to minimize lag the anti lag system is only activated in Sport Plus engine mode this is done by managing the air flow and injecting a bit of fuel it makes one wonder though how this affects the longevity of the turbos when they're spinning at over 100,000 rpm the car has a pretty efficient cooling system aside from the main radiator it also has auxilary radiators for cooling the turbos and the transmission the system is powered by an electric water pump here's a graph comparing m3s from various generations as you can see the horsepower increase is relatively marginal compared to the previous generation's v8 but the torque increase and the decrease in emissions are very significant fuel efficiency has also been increased by up to 25% owners of the e46 m3 would know that the rear subframe is one of the weaker points in the car the m3 and the M4's subframe is solidly mounted to the monocoque chassis for more stiffness the m4's weight is at three thousand five hundred sixty-five pounds for the manual and three thousand six hundred thirty pounds for the dual clutch curiously the m3 and m4 are only slightly heavier than the much smaller m2 zero to sixty can be achieved in four point one seconds fuel consumption is at seventy miles per gallon or 72 kilometers per litre city and twenty five miles per gallon or ten point six kilometers per liter highway the car comes with 19-inch alloys and carbon ceramic brakes the carbon ceramic brakes are an option the car also has a carbon propeller shaft which is standard for both the m3 and m4 where the cars mostly differ are in their looks and also in their practicality being a coupe the m4 has a sleeker roofline the track width of the m3 m4 are the same but because of how the rear quarter panel of the m3 is designed the m3 actually looks like it is slightly wider at the back the fender flares look like they protrude a little bit more anyway let me show you around the interior of the car okay this is the M4'sinterior it's a middle ground between the five series and the two series in terms of interior space the backseat is actually usable compared to the m2 you have bucket seats plenty of bolstering side bolstering you have carbon-fiber accents on the dashboard as well as the transmission tunnel you have an automatic transmission with paddle shifters In terms of storage you have limited storage in this car The difference between the m2 and m4 here if you see these buttons you can change the setting for example you want to change setting for the suspension there's a button here There's options like sport comfort

stiffness or just the ride height just the stiffness also the steering if you want comfort or sports put it in sport steering is a bit sharper then also the engine here engine you can choose between sport and comfort so if you put it in sport it's more aggressive throttle response is more sensitive there's a separate button for shifting there's a button near the gear shift you have 3 settings the 3rd is the highest The fastest gear change even the gear shiftings you can customize it upon this setting for the engines the suspension you can actually save your own setting for example you can see these two buttons here m1 and m2 so you can actually set preselect your preferences for example on weekdays you want to be all just comfort setting and then on weekends you can customize m2 and then choose the setting if you want to change from comfort or sport regardless for example you want sporty engine response but suspension is comfort and then the steering is fourth and then the gear change you can set it to let's say there's 3 levels you can choose the first level of the transmission you can save it so technically it's like a personal setting You can customize all the settings from the transmission down to the steering wheel of the m4 and m3 and then the seats the m2 it comes with dakota leather interior this one it comes with a you can feel it's more refined it's nappa leather it's a much higher grade of leather for the m4 and m3 it also comes with a Harman Kardon sound system You can use your palm for for entering a destination you can see the list of information for Ayala gas station, villages,MRT stations some shops also How much does it cost cost is around 888 million pesos this one is the standard M4 we also have the m4 competitiont m4 GTS and the M4 DTM The difference between the 4, this one is the standard it comes with 431 horses the m4 competition is 450 and the m4 GTS, which is the track version of this car is 500 horsepower and then the limited edition which is the DTM edition M4 is also 500 horsepower but this one is limited only to 200 units wolrdwide compared to the previous generation m3 the current generation m3 and m4 look a lot angrier and it's the most aggressive looking car in the series the M3 and m4 follow the current trend in performance cars smaller forced induction engines and better fuel economy the in line 6 although not as responsive as the naturally aspirated v8 actually produces more power and it's lighter and also it's significantly more fuel efficient due to BMWs anti lag system it doesn't suffer so much from turbo lag what people will miss mostly from the v8 is the sound

The in line 6 just doesn't sound as good the natural competitor of the m4 is the AMG c63 in terms of looks the m4 looks more aggressive while the current generation c63 looks more elegant the c63 has the advantage when it comes to horsepower torque and acceleration the c63 though has a bigger engine it's also heavier and it's less fuel efficient not that that matters in a performance car though at the track the m4 and the c63 are more or less evenly matched when making a choice it will boil down to which band you prefer

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