15 Reasons Why HTC 10 Is Better Than Galaxy S7


What's up guys? David here and the HTC 10 and the Galaxy S7 are two of the hottest Android phones out right now So, in this two part videos series, we're gonna be comparing them phone book style looking at 15 reasons why one phone can be considered better than the other

Let's jump right in Reason number one, Boom Sound Having two speakers instead of only one give you a richer and louder audio expedience

Two, Stable Selfies Optical image stabilization on the front camera helps prevent blurry selfies due to shaky hands

Three, Uh Oh Protection Accidents happen, but with Uh Oh Protection, a broken phone can be replaced for free within the first 12 months

Four, Durability As shown in our phone book style drop test, the HTC 10 can handle drops much better than the nearly all glass Galaxy S7

Number five, Reversible Charging Port: With its USB Type-C port, you can plug your charger in in either direction, making it especially easy to do so when in the dark.

Six, Airplay Support Natively stream audio from the HTC 10 to your Apple TV or other airplay enabled devices just as you would with an iPhone

Seven, Glove Mode This mode lets you use the phone with gloves on, which is great for those who live in colder climates

Eight, Design Both phones look great, but unlike the Galaxy S7, the HTC 10 stays looking that way without picking up too many fingerprints and hand grease along the way

Nine, Quiet Ring on Pick Up This feature lowers ring volume when you pick the phone up so you can decide whether or not to answer it in peace Number

10, Better Headphone Jack: With a 24 bit DAC, the HTC 10 gets you the most out of your fancy headphones

11, Less Bloatware The UI on the HTC 10 is overall cleaner than the Galaxy S7s with no unnecessary software and duplicate apps

12, Adoptable Storage Unlike the S7, the HTC 10 lets you install apps and games directly to the SD card

13, Auto Answer Calls This feature allows you to answer a phone call automatically by simply bringing the phone up to your ear

14, Faster As shown in our phone book style speed test, the HTC 10 offers better performance than the US variants of the Galaxy S7 Reason number

15, High Performance Mode: This mode lets you make the HTC 10 even faster for those who have a need for speed OK, so those are the top 15 reasons why the HTC 10 can be considered better than the Galaxy S7 Now the word better is subjective so be sure to watch the Galaxy S7s version, which will be annotated somewhere here on the screen and linked for you down below in the description Thank you for reading

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